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Lepage Fellows

The Lepage Center sponsors paid fellows to work with local start-ups, social enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and ecosystem partners. Students work on tasks involving strategic planning, marketing, accounting, business planning, and wealth building projects for the organizations served.

Current Lepage Fellows

In their own words...

Henry Davis, BSM 2018
Major in Management with a Specialization in Entrepreneurship, Tulane University

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Ever since my early days selling lemonade in the neighborhood, I have always worked to start his own businesses. I plan to move to California after graduating and begin his own startup. With a passion for international development, a love for travel, and a film making hobby, I hope to make videos that spread awareness of the social and environmental problems facing the world today.

I began work at the Lepage Center in the summer of 2016, and work primarily in strategic planning, daily operations, as well as helping run the Lepage’s social media accounts.

Surprising fact: I had my phone stolen by a monkey in Thailand!


Nora Haney, Tulane MD/MBA 2018
BS in Biomedical Engineering, 2012, Columbia University

Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

I volunteered with AmeriCorps as a City Year, Greater Philadelphia Corps Member in my year in between undergraduate education and medical school.

I wish to develop the surgical tools I work with as a specialist in the field of urology.

My work at the Lepage Center includes small business consulting and providing a link between the Lepage Center and the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, helping companies bring their products to fruition.

Surprising fact:  I am a big fan of garbage reality TV.

Carol Rajala, MBA 2018
BS in Electronics and Computers Engineering, 2012, Jawaharlal Nehru technological University

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

I worked for three and half years in IT firms and cofounded two startups.

I aspire to own a restaurant one day

My work at the Lepage Center includes providing small business consulting services. I am currently working on projects for Propeller, The Building and Stell.org.

Surprising fact:  I can't sleep without my stuffed animal, a teddy bear named Hug.

Zach Wolter, BSM 2018
Double Major in Finance and Management with a Specialization in Energy, Tulane University 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

I have worked with the program Tulane Green Wave Ambassadors, the organization that is in charge of giving tours to perspective students.

I would like to eventually work with a Venture Capital firm or in the Real Estate Finance sector.

My job at the Lepage Center consists of working on the annual Tulane Business Model Competition and serving as the liaison to Tulane’s Venture Capital Club, where I am working on establishing an annual Cohort for student run start-ups.

Surprising fact:  I excavated at a Mayan site in Belize for three summers in high school.