Program Overview

Do you aspire to transform a business or start your own? An Entrepreneurial Hospitality focus positions you to succeed in a world where companies are striving to differentiate themselves through customer experience.At Freeman, you'll learn the importance of human connections in the business world. 

In today’s business landscape, how a company engages its customers is just as important as what it delivers. Industry leaders leverage customer experience to create competitive advantage. Learn how the principles and practices of the hospitality industry can be applied to other businesses to create compelling customer experiences. You'll gain the agility and resilience to thrive in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Seeking Future Leaders, Founders, Changemakers

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Program Highlights

Enjoy a specialized curriculum.
We’ve made it our mission to both inspire and educate you through a highly specialized curriculum. You’ll gain practical knowledge with academic depth, while getting hands-on experience in entrepreneurial hospitality.

Learn from world-class faculty.
The Freeman School boasts internationally renowned professors who are leaders in entrepreneurship, business and hospitality. You’ll learn principles from a variety of disciplines so you can tackle entrepreneurial challenges.

Connect with experts.
Freeman has connections at innovative and entrepreneurial companies around the world. These industry leaders will be central to your education as advisors and mentors, as well as becoming part of your life-long network.

Join an accomplished community.
Recent alumni have formed innovative companies in hospitality and related industries. With deep ties to Freeman, they’re invested in your success. 

Launch a career that is all your own.
You have goals; we’ll help get you there. Faculty will get to know you, and each student will get the personal attention to guide their professional development. 

Live in a one-of-a-kind city.
New Orleans is one of the world’s top destinations with a global reputation as an entrepreneurial hub. You’ll get an exceptional and immersive education in a hotbed of innovation spanning restaurants, technology and retail. Even in your everyday life, New Orleans will be your living, learning classroom. 

Samantha Cummings, MMG Student

"I could tell you how amazing this community is, but words cannot do it justice. Until you are here, you can’t fully understand this environment.

- Samantha Cummings, Current MMG Student

The Master of Management in Entrepreneurial Hospitality is a fast-paced, 10-month, full-time graduate program designed for recent grads.

Action Learning

Our curriculum is centered on creating mutually beneficial, deliberate and intentional educational programs that actively connect our students with forward-thinking businesses in New Orleans and around the globe.

The Old and New

International Immersions

Join us for an international immersion to South America or Asia. You'll engage with international executives and complete projects for global companies. 

Global Managment

Strategic Capstone

 This hands-on consulting project partners with an active New Orleans-based company, challenging students to solve real-time operational challenges.

Only at Freeman - January Intensive - EMBA

Industry Deep-Dive

In January, students break into small teams to conceptualize, plan and present new and innovative hospitality ventures to a panel of prominent industry professionals.

Zachary Engel, Alumnus, Freeman School of Business, Executive Chef and Founding Partner, Galit Restaurant, James Beard Award Winner

"My Freeman education gave me a competitive edge, allowing me to approach the restaurant industry as a true business and not just a passion project.

- Zachary Engel, Alumnus, Freeman School of Business, Executive Chef and Founding Partner, Galit Restaurant, James Beard Award Winner

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Real-World Outcomes

Whether you want to strike out as an entrepreneur, become a consultant or transform a business, our academic program and career management services will provide you with the resources to sculpt your future. Our alumni have been hired by notable companies – or founded successful enterprises – and our network of mentors bring creativity and real-world experience to your education. You'll connect to a broad range of companies across many industries:   

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