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Online Master of Management - Entrepreneurial Hospitality Curriculum

Freeman’s online Entrepreneurial Hospitality curriculum is designed to build a foundation in core business disciplines as they relate to the hospitality industry while supplementing specialized course work in new product development, new venture planning, international business practices, strategic consulting, experiential design and real estate development. Courses are taught by our award-winning faculty as well as industry experts and are designed to support a wide variety of career paths, both within and beyond the hospitality industry.

Our innovative hybrid model allows the flexibility of an online program complemented by two separate in-person learning experiences and opportunities to grow your network with industry leaders.

Program Highlights:

  • Developing your own business plan. This open-ended project will be customized to align directly with your future professional goals, giving you a truly individualized educational experience. During the January intensive, you’ll be introduced to the elements of a business plan, and throughout the program, you’ll learn how to incorporate course knowledge to create a professional document and pitch deck for use in your own venture or as a portfolio piece to prospective employers. This experience culminates in the final week of the program where you will pitch your idea to a panel of industry experts and investors.
  • Personalizing your education with your program mentor. Individual attention is the key to personal development. We will work with you to identify a mentor with whom you’ll meet regularly to help define the path to your individual goals and ensure you are working closely with the people and organizations that will benefit you most.

January: Entrepreneurial Hospitality Seminar (Intensive Residential Course) (3) *

The program kicks off with a one-week orientation and intensive seminar in New Orleans, a city known for its distinctive culture and international influence. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet your peers, faculty, and several industry practitioners while taking a deep dive into the field of entrepreneurial hospitality. A series of site visits, guest lectures, case studies, and “flash” projects will give you a quick snapshot as to what you can expect in the months to come.


The spring semester is intended to sharpen your business acumen. We’ve included four, 8-week courses in strategy, finance, accounting and organizational communication, designed specifically for this program by our award-winning faculty. These essential courses form the academic foundation from which you will build your specialized knowledge, and you’ll inevitably find yourself returning to their lessons as you proceed through the program.


  • Strategic Management (3)
  • Business Communication (3)
  • Accounting Measurement, Reporting, and Control (3)
  • Analysis for Financial Management (3)


Over the summer, you will bolster your core knowledge of business operations and marketing practices while simultaneously pursuing more specialized knowledge in hospitality innovation and design. Taught by industry practitioners, New Product Development for Hospitality and Hospitality Real Estate Development place you directly in the shoes of an entrepreneur. With a focus on the process of innovation, you will test your ability to combine creativity with practicality, learning the art and science behind creating distinctive new products. You will also reinforce your project management skills by exploring the inextricable relationship between hospitality and real estate – discovering how to ideate, design and finance spaces which enhance guest experience and deliver extraordinary returns.


  • New Product Development for Hospitality (3)*
  • Marketing, Planning & Implementation (3)
  • Hospitality Real Estate Development (3)*
  • Operations Management (3)


The program culminates in the fall where you will apply the knowledge gained over the last 10 months to execute a series of project-based courses. You’ll combine theory with practice as you work with actual organizations to deliver real-world solutions to business problems.

This is also your opportunity to hone your creative and organizational expertise by finalizing your own business plan in collaboration with our own Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The program concludes on Tulane’s campus in downtown New Orleans, where you will have the opportunity to pitch your business plan to a panel of experts and financiers.  

You’ll present your business plan to a panel of industry experts and investors, walking away with a high-quality plan to present in your portfolio.


  • Strategic Consulting (3)
  • Global Business Project (3)
  • New Venture Planning (3)*


*denotes action learning course