BSM Major Ambassadors

Anna Wight, ‘21, Marketing and Management (President)

Hi! My name is Anna Wight and I’m the President of the BSM Major Ambassador Program. I’m a Junior in the A.B. Freeman School of Business pursuing a double major in Marketing and Management (Consulting Track). I didn’t declare my major until the summer after my Sophomore year, because I felt strongly that I needed to be exposed to all upper-level business courses prior to my decision. I am a part of this program because I believe I can provide perspective and insight to my peers when it comes to choosing a major. Declaring a major can feel like the biggest decision of a college student’s life thus far, but my goal is help reduce the pressure and stress students feel surrounding this process. I am excited to grow this program, work with the other BSM Major Ambassadors, and be a resource to every BSM student - no matter their major!


Danielle Elkins, ‘21, Dual Degree Marketing and Political Economy on the Economics and Public Finance (Vice President)

Hi! My name is Danielle Elkins and I am the Vice President of the BSM Major Ambassadors Program. I am a senior pursuing a BSM in Marketing and a BA in Political Economy on the Economics and Public Policy Track. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Milan at Universita Bocconi during the Fall of my Junior year. Although I started Tulane with a passion for Marketing, I was unsure whether I would become more interested in the other majors available to me in the Business School. I joined BSM Major Ambassadors because I want to bring my insights and knowledge to help undecided students navigate their decision process. I want to help relieve potential stress surrounding majors and help make resources within the Business School more accessible. I’m excited to help grow this program and provide my perspectives. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to hear more about how I chose my majors!


Sarah Bellis, ’22, Finance and Management (Secretary)

Hi! My name is Sarah Bellis and I am the Secretary of BSM Major Ambassadors. I am a junior from Darien, CT in the A.B. Freeman School of Business pursuing a double major in Finance and Management on the consulting track. Since coming to Tulane University, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in business, but I was unsure on what major to choose. I wanted to keep exploring all four majors of the business school before I came to a decision. I utilized many resources that Freeman has to offer including the Career Management Center and Academic Advising. I also spoke with many upperclassmen about their experiences at Freeman. They helped provide me with tools and resources to guide my major declaration process. I am an extrovert and love being a leader, so I decided to major in Management. After taking Business Analytics and Calculus, I had a newfound passion for numbers, so I decided to pursue a major in Finance. I currently am a Sales and Marketing interning at a start-up financial technology company in the world of Investor Relations. I am also involved in many clubs on campus. I wanted to be in BSM Ambassadors program because I understand how overwhelming the major declaration process is, and I would love to help however I can. Please reach out if you have any questions!


Carlie Nocerino, ‘21 (Social Media/Marketing Coordinator)

Hi! My name is Carlie Nocerino, I’m from Long Island, NY and I am the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for the BSM Ambassador Program. I am a double major in Marketing and Management on the Consulting track. I chose this path because I’ve always been interested in both the creative and analytical sides of business. In my junior year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid for the fall semester through the business school. I hope this program serves as a helpful resource to undecided business majors and those who are interested in studying internationally, as these are both important decisions that will leave a lasting impact on your college experience and future careers in business! Please feel free to contact myself or any of the other BSM Ambassadors for any tips or advice on choosing your major, studying abroad, or landing an internship opportunity! 


Maddie Muldoon, ’21, Finance/Marketing/Masters of Accounting

I am a fifth year student double majoring in Finance and Marketing and minoring in Public Health from Charlotte, NC. I am also a student in Tulane’s five-year Master of Accounting program. I decided to join this program spring of freshman year because ACCN 2010 was my favorite class that semester, and accounting is important in every part of business. I chose to major in Finance because it goes well with accounting, and I like learning about various financial transactions and careers. I enjoy majoring in Marketing because I never realized how much planning goes into the hundreds of advertising and promotions we see everyday. I am involved with Trash to Treasure, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity, and the Graduate Business School Honor Board on campus, and my junior year I studied abroad at Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE) in Madrid. I’m happy to help other business students and to answer any questions!


Caroline Perlis, ‘21 Finance, Marketing, and Masters of Accounting

Hi! My name is Caroline Perlis, and I am a senior from Atlanta majoring in Finance and Marketing and am in the Master of Accounting program at Tulane. Before coming to Tulane, I knew that I wanted to major in Finance because I always enjoyed my math classes in high school, but after taking my 3010 classes at Tulane, I decided to double major in Finance and Marketing. It was not until the fall of my junior year that I considered applying to the Master of Accounting Program at Tulane. I chose to apply to this program because of the flexibility that a career in accounting provides. Last year I studied abroad at ICADE in Madrid. I have been involved in USG, FSG, BSM Major Ambassadors, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity, and Kappa Alpha Theta throughout my time at Tulane. I know how stressful deciding a major can be, so I am always happy to help students and answer questions!


Claire O’Neill, ’21, Finance and French

I am a senior from Boston, MA pursuing a BSM in Finance with a specialization in Energy and a BA in French with a minor in Political Science. I took economics courses in high school and knew I wanted to study Finance in college because I was interested in learning more about how financial markets work. I decided to declare my major after taking FINE-3010, which I really enjoyed. I also learned about the various finance electives that are available to finance majors, such as The Burkenroad Reports course. I took that class my junior year and loved how hands-on the course is. I’m also in the Green Bull Investment Group, an on-campus club that helped me explore the many career paths that are open to finance majors. I know that declaring a major can be really overwhelming and I hope that the BSM Ambassadors can relieve a bit of the stress. I’m always happy to answer any questions about my experience and provide help where I can! Feel free to reach out!


Eloise Dufka, ’22, Legal Studies and Management

Hi! My name is Eloise Dufka and I am a junior from Potomac, Maryland double majoring in Legal Studies and Management (Consulting Track) with a minor in French. Originally, I came to Tulane pursuing Pre-Med but quickly realized that was not the path for me. I had always been interested in business so making the switch from being Pre-Med was a fairly easy decision. When it came to picking my major, I felt strongly about waiting till I had finished taking all my 3010’s before declaring because I was able to quickly weed out finance and marketing as potential majors. After taking the entry-level legal studies and management courses, I was enticed by the endless possibilities both majors would give me. I joined BSM Ambassadors because I wanted to share my experiences and provide incoming Tulane students the support they need when making the stressful decision of choosing a major! 


Sarah Briggs

Hi! My name is Sarah Briggs, and I am a junior from Glenview, IL. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Finance and Master’s in Accounting in four years. I decided to join the BSM/MACCT dual degree program during my freshman year after loving and excelling in Financial Accounting. I had a good idea I wanted to major in finance since high school after taking an investment strategies course. I enjoyed learning about simple concepts such as different types of investments, company share prices, and how money acts as a medium of exchange. Being able to sit for the CPA Exam when I graduate in May 2022 is very important to me. I believe that the joint BSM/MACCT program allows me to combine all of my business interests and tailor my education to my personal and professional goals. I am currently enrolled in the Burkenroad Reports Program, which is a great way to get hands-on experience in the financial world and discover what finance aspects you may like more than others. I also am a Student Instructor (SI) for ACCN 2010. I love helping students understand course material, discovering if they want to pursue accounting, and holding review sessions. I am also involved in various organizations on campus inside and outside the business school. I am always happy to answer any questions or help students in whatever way I can, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Zachary Esemplare, ’22, Management and Finance 

Hi! My name is Zach Esemplare and I am sadly in my senior at Tulane. I am from Ridgefield, Connecticut. I studied abroad in Madrid and would say it was my favorite semester in college. I have a planned double major in Finance and Management. I have been monitoring and investing in the Stock market throughout college and believe that is where my passion for finance comes from. However, I had the opportunity to intern as a Sales representative for IBM and after college will be joining Dell Technologies in the Sales department. I hope to tie in my management and finance skills one day in the sales industry. I became a BSM Ambassador because I love to help people in any way I can based on my previous struggles and decisions I faced. In my free time I love sports and continuing to enjoy what the city of New Orleans has to offer. Feel free to reach out with any potential questions or guidance; I would love to help in any way possible.


Nadia Scharpf, ’23, Master of Accounting, Major in Marketing, and Minor in Psychology

Hi, my name is Nadia Scharpf and I’m from McLean, VA (right outside of DC). I am a junior pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. I also am enrolled in the Master of Accounting program, which means I get to stay at Tulane for an extra year in order to help me get CPA certified. It has been a great experience learning about both accounting and marketing through the Freeman school’s emphasis on learning about many types of business rather than just on one topic. I plan to study abroad at the Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, Denmark for the spring semester. I also am involved in Tulane’s chapter of the American Marketing Association, serving as the Media Manager for the year, so please reach out if you would like to get involved with the club. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to choose a major, especially if you are like me and did not know much about business before college. I found that I was interested in so many different possible areas of study in the business school, so it was hard for me to narrow down my interests. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or need any advice about choosing a major or anything else related to the business school or Tulane in general! 


Sorrell Brown, '22, Business Management and Environmental Studies

Hi, My name is Sorrell Brown and I am a Junior double majoring in Business Management (Consulting) and Environmental Studies. I became a BSM ambassador because I remember how intimidated I was when first hearing about the business school when I was a freshman. Eventually I met a group of business school upperclassmen who helped me understand and navigate the business school. I know how challenging it is for students to get acclimated into the business environment, so I want to help make that process as smooth as possible just like those upperclassmen helped me. At the end of my sophomore year, I switched from Business Marketing to Business Management because I really liked the interpersonal aspect of management. I am a student-athlete on the Football team, so I have insight into balancing the demands of both commitments. I am also double majoring in a less common major that most students do not pair with Business (Environmental Studies) so I have experience handling very different courses. On campus, I am involved with Waste Warriors, SAAC and CEA. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, I am always happy to assist you.


Alanna Austin, ’21, Marketing and International Relations

Hey y’all! I’m a senior majoring in Marketing and International Relations from New Orleans. I’m an ambassador because I knew I wanted to be a business owner in the hospitality industry, but I had no idea what major(s) would help me achieve my dreams. Experiencing the variety of classes required for the business core and political science core did help me choose my majors. However, the conversations I had with upperclassmen were invaluable to my major declaration. I have the pleasure of being on Tulane’s sailing team. As a student-athlete who is in-season year round, time management and work-life balance is crucial for me. I am also a practicing real-estate agent so I have the unique experience of having a job that relies on constant marketing of oneself and of products.