Career Management Center

The Career Management Center continues to operate through the summer virtually and will begin offering students a choice of in-person or virtual appointments when they return to campus. Our physical office hours will remain the same, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT, with other hours available due to time zone differences. Once classes are in session, Career Management Center staff will alternate days on campus with days working remotely to comply with the university's requirement of 50% reduction of staff.

As with the rest of the university, all staff will be tested for COVID-19 and will comply with masking and other safety requirements. All office spaces have been reconfigured to comply with social distancing requirements, and plexiglass screens are being installed in the reception / interaction areas. Career Consultants whose offices are too small to maintain a 6-foot social distance will meet with students in other locations where that distance is achieved. For example, the recruiter lounge has been adapted to accommodate 4 meeting areas with 8 foot spaces between student and Career Consultant.

CDMA classes will be conducted in the same manner as all other classes, although an evening section has been added to accommodate international students with significant time zone challenges.

Interview rooms will continue to be available for all types of interviews and as Virtual Internship workspaces. The process to reserve an interview room remains the same, and rooms will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

Last, but most importantly, employers are already scheduling activities and remain committed to recruiting Freeman students. Most events, like Information Sessions, will be conducted virtually. Conferences like the National Black MBA Association Career Conference are being scheduled virtually.

We look forward to seeing you – on camera or on-site – soon!