Jason Sandvik

Assistant Professor

Office 555
Phone 504-314-7926
Email jsandvik@tulane.edu
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My research focuses on corporate governance, specifically the implications of board structure on corporate performance. My published work considers the causal relation between board monitoring effectiveness and a firm's credit quality. Among my works in progress, I investigate the effects of board gender diversity on IPO performance and, using Census data, on the labor market outcomes of a firm's workforce. I also study the effect that CEO compensation, CEO risk exposure, and CEO activism have on firm value. My second stream of research considers various questions in labor economics. My published work investigates the role of knowledge-sharing among coworkers in improving individual and firm-wide productivity. My other published work identifies the heterogeneous effort and turnover responses of workers who experience an adverse compensation change. My ongoing work in this area considers the treatment and selection effects of formal workplace mentorship programs and the efficacy of recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding employees in a virtual (i.e., post-COVID) environment.

My research has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Management Science, the Journal of Corporate Finance, and the Harvard Business Review.

My research has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The Washington Post.


Financial Management (FINE 3010)

Fall 2019 - Instructor Score: 6.90/7.0

Fall 2020 - Instructor Score: 4.84/5.0

Education & Affiliations

University of Utah - PhD in Finance

Brigham Young University - BS in Mathematics with minors is Philosophy, Sociology, and Business Administration


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