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John Clarke

Professor of Practice

Peter W. and Paul A. Callais Professorship in Entrepreneurship / John B. Elstrott Professorship

Office GWBC 450-D
Phone 504-865-5661
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John Clarke's extensive international work experience distinguishes him as an advisor and collaborator with a global reach.

He brings significant international academic and professional background to his work at Freeman, as well as a dedication to preparing students for their careers through innovative courses that tie theory to the realities of the business world.

As a North America-based management consultant, he worked extensively in Europe and Asia and supported large-scale organizational change in multinational companies.

He began taking students abroad in 2005 and has since led more than fifteen hundred students on international experiences. He has developed and taught immersion experiences in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Israel, South Africa, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

In the Freeman School, he teaches several courses in the MBA and PMBA programs and is involved with the development of new courses and new programs.


  • Professor Clarke teaches Entrepreneurship and New Product Design and is currently developing and teaching the MBA Practicum in the Fasttrack MBA Program.
  • His courses are focused on developing critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills. He encourages students to develop cognitive ambidexterity such that they become leaders comfortable and capable as both creative and predictive problem solvers. He works hard to help students develop adaptability and to prepare for 'short take-off' opportunities.


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Real-World Experience: Professor Clarke has a varied professional background, including experience working with startups, community organizations, and over a decade as a management consultant - all of which he draws on to bridge his students' academic training with practical application in the real world.

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International Focus: Clarke's extensive experience in Asia, Europe, and North America includes working as a consultant in seven countries, serving as a visiting professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and London South Bank University, living on four continents, teaching students from all over the world, and leading immersion trips to Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

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Distinguished Teaching: Professor Clarke focuses on experiential learning in the classroom, constantly striving to get students engaged with executives in the industry. He has been recognized for his work with a number of honors including Inc. Magazine Top 10 Entrepreneurship Courses.

Memorable Moment

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Graduation is always an exciting time for Professor Clarke and this year was no exception. "At Tulane graduation is a whole series of celebration events rolled together. This year we held the Freeman School graduate ceremony on Friday which was followed by Wave Goodbye on the main quad. The Unified Commencement was held at the Super Dome on Saturday morning. By the end of it all my wrist ached from shaking so many hands and my face ached from smiling for two days straight!"

Education & Affiliations

  • BEng Material Science and Engineering
  • PhD Physics
  • MBA


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Professor Clarke enjoys spending time with family, friends, and especially his three kids. His daughter recently graduated from Tulane's Biomedical Engineering program and his son is currently studying Engineering Physics. He also has a daughter who is attending Benjamin Franklin High School.

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Finding ways to enjoy everything that NOLA has to offer is an ongoing challenge for Professor Clarke. From early morning walks in the park too late night music sessions, from dive bars to epic restaurants, from impromptu gatherings to Mardi Gras Balls - there is never a dull moment in this Professors social schedule!

Clarke feels that New Orleans is the most unique city in America. "It is by far the biggest small city there is and it is unbelievably rich in culture, people, food, neighborhoods, music, architecture, and more. New Orleans is a city of contrasts, it has the bones of an old-world trading city and the energy of a young college town."

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Professor Clarke is currently renovating a 1920s uptown home close to campus. "It has to be a passion because tackling years and years of termite damage, knob and tube wiring, galvanized steel water pipes, a hundred-year-old octopus boiler, live gaslight pipes in the ceilings, rats nests, and roach poop filled lath and plaster walls requires requires a unique combination of stupidity, stubbornness, and occasionally some skill. It also helps to have a super supportive wife who is as patient as a saint."