Ph. D. Dissertations

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Bautista, Rafael   Two Essays on Financial Contracting with Imperfect Information
Burbano, Antonio Jose   The Effects of Repeated Exposures on Choice Behavior
Davila, Jose Camilo   Forgiveness as a Function of offense Severity, Apology Extensiveness, and Perceived Sincerity
Gutierrez, Maria Lorena   Venture Capitalist/Equity Alliance Ownership Participation In Pre-Ipo Firms: Determinants And Effects
Mansilla, Carlos   The Effects of Geographic Definition on Market Share
Otalara, Guillermo   Effects of Work-Family Conflict on Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Perez, Gabriel   Study Of The Attraction Effect Under Different Time And Justification Conditions
Robledo, Andres   Measuring The Attractiveness Of Risk Types Of Gambles And Methods Of Assessment
Rodriguez, Eric   Economic Group Affiliation and Economic Stress
Salgado, Elvira   Working In Local Community Action Groups Or Playing Soccer? The Effects Of Voluntary Associations’ Characteristics In The Promotion
Sanabria-Tirado, Raul   A Parametric Investigation Of Resource Endowments Under Varying Strategic Conditions
Wills, Eduardo   Managers as Organizational Agents: The Influence of Accountability on Felt Responsibility
Ayala, Edgardo Arturo   Social Network Externalities and Price Dispersion in Online Markets
Calzada-Mezura, Miguel   Mexican Firms Target Debt Ratio and Investing Finance Policy
Castano, Raquel   Time, Feelings, and Thoughts in the Adoption of Really New Products
De Garate-Perez, Luis Eugenio   Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure of Mexican Companies
Dieck-Assad, Flory Anette   Energy, Capital, And Technological Change In Mexico And The Estimation Of The Complete Mexican Oil And Gas Supply
Florez, Jaime Eduardo   Simulation Approach To Evaluate The Statistical Power of Different Statistics In Mexican Stock Market
Garcia-Narro, Jaime   Contrasting the Motivation to Float and Motivation to Tend for Their Effect on Sustaining or Negating Sales Ability
Gomez McFarland, Hector   Properties of the Risk Adjusted Differential and the Competition for Intangible Market Value
Gonzalez-Mercado, Susana   The Impact of Family-Concentrated Ownership On Corporate Performance
Gonzalez, Mauricio Gabriel   The Effects Of Task Cohesion, Interpersonal Attraction, And Collective Efficacy On the Performance Of Distance Collaboration Groups
Guerra, Domingo   Comparative Analysis of Industry Leaders’ Webpage Message Strategies: Mexico and the U.S.
Guzman-Saenz, Eduardo   Development and Test of A Student Performance Taxonomy In A Cross Cultural Educational Setting
Hernandez, Norma Alicia   Three Essays On Economic And Financial Modeling in Mexico
Moreno Tripp, Miguel   Mutual Fund Performance in Mexico
Moska, Daniel   Impact of Fundamental Variables on Mexico Stock Returns
Ochoa-Setzer, Guadalupe   Dividend Policy: an Investigaational in the Case Of Two Mexican Firms
Perez, Maria Eugenia   The Relevance of Personal and Experiential Sources of Influence on Brand Equity: Family Life-Cycle Matching as Determinant of Intergenerational Influences
Quintantlla, Claudia Maria   Internl/Interactive Marketing of Services: Segmenting Employees Bases on Technology Readiness
Ramos-Garza, Leticia   The Effects of Demographic Profiles Similarity and Friendship on Group Leader-Member Exchange Relationships
Ruiz, Raul   Can Motivation Replace the Need for Ability? An Examination of the Effects of Practical Intelligence and Self-Reliance on the Quality of Solution Generated for a Sales Problems by Student
Sepulveda, Cesar   Relationship Of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors And Customer Orientation To Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction
Simons, Harmen   The Effects of Commission Structure and Performance on Pension Fund Manager Selection by Affiliates in the Mexican Pension Fund Industry
Toro-Palacios, Rosario   The Relationship Among Behavioral Performance Dimensions Within Groups: An Examination of Individual- and Group-Level Effects
Torres Salinas, Aldo   Attachment Styles, Intrinsic Motivation and Customer Loyalty: Identifying “At Risk” Customers Through Their Ability and Motivation
Villalba, Olivia   Leadership in Organization
Villanueva-Sanchez, Carlos   The Prediction Of Task And Contextual Performance For Production Operators
Villarreal, Amado   An Empirical Analysis Of The Mexican Term Structure Of Interest Rates And Some And Evidence For Other Latin American Countries
Zavaletz-Vazquez, Osmar   Microstructure of Mexican Financial Market (Estimating The components of the Bid-Ask Spread)
Benevides, Julian   2 Essays in corporate Governance:
Ownership Structure and Performance in Colombia (Empirical)
Simultaneous effects of altruism and institutions on firm size and performance (Theoretical and Empirical)
Blanco, Ernesto   The Planning Fallacy: Inside/Outside Views
Concha, Jose   Manufacturer-Dealer Relationship: The Importance of Technology In Developing Trust
Gonzalez, Maximiliano   Two Essays On The Dynamics Of Board Of Directors And Corporate Governance In Venezuela
Lasio-Morello, Virginia   A Climate for Personal Well-Being: An Integration of Prospect Theory and Psychological Climate
Molina, Henry   Understanding Decision Making in Internationalizing Small and Medium-Sized Firms
Otero, Isabella   Two Essays On Corporate Governance
Perez Costela, Candido   Cognitive Biases and Decision Making in Auditor Changes and Inventory Management
Puente, Raquel   e-Valuation: A Multiple-Item Scale for Measuring Perceived Value in Online Services
Varela, Otmar   Personality, Conflict, And Effectiveness In Project Groups