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Program Overview

Do you want to emerge as a leader in the complex and rapidly changing U.S. healthcare industry? At Freeman, you’ll learn management, analysis and complex decision-making to further your medical career.

Our MD/MBA program supports physician leaders who want to pursue clinical and administrative responsibilities, as well as those looking to pursue careers outside of medicine. Through a partnership between Tulane's School of Medicine and the Freeman School of Business, you can complete both degrees in five years. You’ll collaborate with scholars and researchers who work in business and healthcare and emerge prepared to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing healthcare industry.

We are seeking you –Aspiring innovators and motivated leaders

We are seeking you –
Aspiring innovators and motivated leaders

Boost Potential Matching

Many MD/MBA graduates found that their MBA was a conversation starter in their residency interviews and credit their business degree with helping them match with a prestigious residency program. These are the matches for recent MD/MBA classes: 

MD/MBA Class of 2021

Anesthesiology University of Washington Affiliate
Anesthesiology Northwestern University
Emergency Medicine UCLA Medical Center
Internal Medicine Emory University
Physical Medicine and Rehab University of Virginia

MD/MBA Classes, 2020 and Earlier

Surgery - General University Hospital (Jackson, Miss.)
Surgery - General Tulane University
Internal Medicine UCLA Medical Center
Internal Medicine San Antonio University Services Hospital
Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital
Emergency Medicine Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Morningside
Emergency Medicine NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Obstetrics and Gynecology Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Orthopedic Surgery University of Southern California
Psychiatry California Pacific Medical Center

Learn about the five-year MD/MBA double degree program.

Program Highlights

Expand your opportunities with two degrees.
A Tulane MBA will make you more competitive as you move forward in your career. You’ll stand out from the crowd as you apply for residency and beyond.

Get real-world experience.
Go beyond tests and textbooks. Our hands-on curriculum will give you the business skills that will enhance your career in medicine.

Learn from industry experts.
Throughout the program, you’ll engage with CEOs and entrepreneurs in interactive, small classes.

Collaborate with thought leaders.
As part of your curriculum, you’ll work closely with scholars and researchers who’ve influenced the world of business.

Build a robust network.
You’ll engage directly with entrepreneurs, CEOs and other healthcare professionals. Plus, small classes allow you to build meaningful connections with faculty.

Dr. Neal Dixit, MD/MBA

With the increasingly complex nature of healthcare delivery, a strong foundation in business is a huge asset. The Tulane MD/MBA gave me that foundation and prepared me to take on leadership roles in the industry.

-Dr. Neal Dixit (MD/MBA ’19)


The MD/MBA program will prepare you to build more efficient practices, lead effective research programs, run innovative organizations, become an entrepreneur or pursue a career in business. You’ll also get to participate in learning experiences you can only find at Freeman.

Students travel to Guatemala to experience the healthcare industry in a developing economy

International Exchange

Students in the 4-year double degree program travel to Guatemala to experience the healthcare industry in a developing economy, explore rural medicine and understand a wholly different medical education system. You'll meet and connect with Guatemalan physicians, as well as other respected practitioners.

Only at Freeman - Alternate Weekends - EMBA

Executive Leadership

Put yourself in the trenches by taking our Executive Leadership course. You’ll tackle a set of leadership challenges and explore leadership from the point of view of a senior business executive.

International Experience

MBA students have the opportunity for international study through immersive class trips or through exchange opportunities available through the Goldring Institute for International Business

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Amber Hardeman, MD/MBA

Being a physician today requires not only medical knowledge but also an understanding of the business of health care. The MD/MBA perspective is critical for effective patient care in the context of cost, access and limited resources.

-Dr. Amber Hardeman (MD/MBA ’19)


You'll be prepared to pursue a wide range of traditional career paths for physicians, including medical practice management, health system administration and policy development. You’ll also be ready to take on consulting or leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries or start your own company.

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