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Federal Response to COVID-19/Coronavirus - CARES Act (Stone Pigman)

Key Considerations for Louisiana Contract Parties in the Face of COVID-19 - Related Failures to Perform (Stone Pigman)

Federal Small Business Stimulus Aid Program (US Chamber of Commerce)

Paycheck Protection Program Info Guide (US Chamber of Commerce)

Tax Provisions in the CARES ACT (COVID019 "Phase 3" Response): Preliminary Analysis and Observation (KPMG)

State and Local Tax Extensions in Response to COVID-19 (KPMG)

Managing Strategic Risks in the Face of the Coronavirus (Directors & Boards)

A Business Owners Dashboard for Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis (JP Morgan Private Bank)

Leveraging Boards in the Times of Crisis (Business Families Foundation)

Family Business Consulting Group - an organization of nationally and internationally recognized family business advisors and an educational resource on family business matters.

Family Business Magazine - a monthly magazine written exclusively for the owners and managers of family companies.

Family Firm Institute - an international professional organization dedicated to assisting family firms by increasing the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge of family business advisors, educators, researchers and consultants. - family-owned business resources for multi-generational companies and those just starting out.