Career Testing

CareerLeader is an online business career assessment tool available to students and alumni that consists of three tests:

  • The Business Career Interest Inventory (BCII) - identifies business-specific interests
  • The Management and Professional Reward Profile (MPRP) - assesses the rewards expected from work
  • The Management and Professional Abilities Profile (MPAP) - identifies skills, strengths, and weaknesses

A CareerLeader Interpretive Overview Report is generated once the three tests have been completed. This report summarizes the results from the tests and integrates the information, suggesting career path options. Research on 27 business career paths and suggestions for choosing an appropriate corporate culture are also included online. The CMC recommends scheduling an individual session with your Career Consultant once you have received your assessment results.

CareerLeader is available to undergraduates (BSM) as well as Graduate Students within the Freeman School of Business.

You will need to connect with your individual program/major Career Consultant to process your access to take the CareerLeader Assessment. They will also schedule a follow-up appointment to go over your results.

The follow-up appointment is required in order to gain access to the assessment