Aaron Selber, Jr. Courses on Distressed Debt and Hedge Funds

Increase your investment knowledge portfolio with exposure to alternative investments

The Selber courses strive to introduce students to areas of investments that are typically only mentioned in passing in most finance-oriented programs. The alternative investment space has grown dramatically in the last two decades, offering possible career paths for you. In the Selber courses you will dedicate an entire semester to learning about Distressed Debt (each Spring) or Hedge Funds (each Fall). You can apply to take one or both courses, which complement nicely topics in the traditional long-only equity or investment grade bond world.

Move your education out of the textbook

The Selber courses will move you as close to the “real world” as possible. Integral to the courses are guest lecturers from industry, who will speak to you about their own lengthy experience in the alternative investment space. You will also compete in teams to pitch an investment idea to raise committed capital for a distressed debt fund or a hedge fund. Industry experts judge your presentations and offer insight on the feasibility of your investment plans.

Why Selber?

  • Be a part of small classes of invited students who share a commitment toward academic rigor and practical learning applications 
  • Network with industry professionals with decades of experience, who guest lecture and spend time answering student questions
  • Enjoy lectures that pull from practitioner text books, business case studies and industry experts 
  • Improve presentation skills by taking part in a complex project in which students hone their financial communication skills to pitch an investment idea to their peers and a judging panel of investment professionals

How Can Selber Help Your Career?

With the expansion of the alternative investment space, if you participate in one of the Selber courses you will have a leg up on the competition when interviewing with investment companies who operate in this area. Most universities do not offer in-depth coursework in the alternative investments area, allowing you to be positioned as being uniquely qualified for many jobs that are grounded in the alternative space (investments, sales, trading, due diligence, etc.)