Global Education

All business is global regardless of company size and industry. Today, career possibilities are as wide as our planet. The Tulane MBA program emphasizes teaching global commerce and strategy, which is why every MBA student graduates with a supporting concentration in international business.

  • All MBA students travel as a class to three different areas of the world-Europe, Latin America, and Asia-as part of the required core classes.
  • Students complete projects with international executives, then travel to the executives' countries to experience the business environment in person and deliver their recommendations.

Global experiences have been a core Tulane's business coursework since the Freeman School was established a hundred years ago. One of our first classes offered was in so-called "Spanish commerce," which covered trade with Latin America and the Caribbean. New Orleans has always been a busy port city serving the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, and Tulane business graduates have played a key role in the city's trade.