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MBA Joint & Dual Degree Options

For students whose career objectives require training in more than one discipline, the Freeman School offers several joint-degree programs in conjunction with other divisions at Tulane. These programs offer students the opportunity to obtain two graduate degrees or a graduate degree and a baccalaureate degree in less time and at less expense than pursuing the degrees separately. Candidates must receive admission to both schools as well as obtain approval from the Joint-Degree Program Committee to pursue these programs.

The Freeman School offers these joint and dual degree options:

For more information on joint-degree options, contact the admissions office.


Freeman also offers a number of personalized paths for students to obtain two degrees within the business school.  Students should apply to the primary program and discuss their interests with their admissions advisor.  Once enrolled, students will work with their academic advisor to craft an individual, custom plan to meet their interests and goals.  

Possible degree programs include: