4-Year MD/MBA Curriculum | A. B. Freeman School of Business

4-Year MD/MBA Curriculum

For Tulane University School of Medicine students, Freeman offers one of the only programs in the country that allows students to complete both an MD and an MBA in only 4 years. The program requires 48 hours of courses from Freeman's MBA curriculum.  Summer business intensives are taken in the summers before and after the first year of medical school, with additional coursework completed concurrently with the medical school curriculum during the first, second, and fourth years. 

  • Year 1: MD/MBA - Students complete an intensive summer semester in the Freeman School (June – July) prior to starting at the Medical School
  • Year 2: MD/MBA - Students spend a second summer (June – July) before entering the second year of medical school
  • Year 3: MD
  • Year 4: MD/MBA - Students complete business electives along with their 4th year medical rotations

For more information or to request a sample schedule for any of our programs, please contact admissions at abfadmit@tulane.edu. Please visit the Tulane School of Medicine page for more information on the MD curriculum.

Required Business Courses

Business Electives

Electives are offered in a wide range of subjects.

Examples include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should MDs complete an MBA?

A: The business of medicine is changing. In addition to treating patients, MDs must understand how to lead teams, interpret data, manage their practice, and make informed decisions about emerging technology. These skills are rarely taught in medical school, yet they are essential to your career as a physician.

An MBA degree is also useful for MDs considering non-traditional career paths as physician administrators, physicians in biomedical industries, and researchers. Finance venture capital, private equity, and physician entrepreneurship are other potential avenues that require a strong understanding of business.

Q: Why should I earn my MD/MBA at Freeman?

A: Freeman’s MBA for MDs offers world-class, experiential learning. You’ll collaborate with scholars and researchers who work in business and healthcare. You’ll connect with thought-leaders and innovators. You’ll also prepare to thrive in the complexities of the changing healthcare industry. We deliver an MBA to physicians in 1-year, 4-year, and 5-year formats. Practicing physicians can also participate in Freeman’s PMBA and EMBA programs.

Freeman also offers an MBA program to medical students from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. These students study alongside Tulane Medical School students in the 4-year program.

Q: What career opportunities are available to MD/MBAs?

A: After completing an MBA, physicians are prepared to analyze data and determine the best methods for making and managing profits. They also possess knowledge about accounting, investing, and marketing, which is especially valuable for physicians starting their own practice. Since many of healthcare’s biggest challenges are business problems, the skills you learn in the program are vital to any practice or healthcare organization.

Potential Career Paths

  • Healthcare consulting
  • Financial management
  • Hospital administration
  • Healthcare executive
  • Non-profit management
  • Investment banking or finance

Q: How will the program impact my residency applications?

A: Students report that participating in the joint MD/MBA program positively impacted their applications to residency programs.

Q: How is the program structured?

A: Your plan of study will include strategic management and innovation, finance, and data analysis, as well as health policy and economics. Throughout the program, you’ll engage with other physicians, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in interactive, small classes.

Q: Can I talk to a current student, alumni or faculty member in the program?

A: Yes, we strongly encourage you to do so and are happy to connect you with current students, recent graduates, alumni, and faculty. Please work with your admissions counselor to make arrangements.

Q: How do I apply and who do I contact with questions?

A: Our application is available online, and our admissions counselors are always available to answer your questions and guide you through the admissions process.

Q: How much does the program cost? Is financial aid available?

A: Tuition is currently $1,600 per credit hour for the 2017-2018 academic year. You’ll automatically be considered for merit-based fellowship awards through the admission process and receive notification of a fellowship award in your letter of admission.