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Master of Finance Courses & Curriculum

The Master of Finance curriculum was designed by a team of faculty members who teach in the program, and it also reflects input from industry professionals about the types of skills they want potential employees to possess. The program focuses on developing strong fundamental analysis skills and uses practical applications to reinforce the technical expertise developed in the classroom. Students experience real-world finance through analyzing cases, completing projects and building financial models. Communication skills are enhanced through a financial communications class, written projects and presentations of student financial analysis. These courses provide hands-on experience and career building skills. The Master of Finance curriculum consists of 34 credits beginning in the summer that can be completed in 11 months or spread out over 18 months, to allow for a summer internship.


11-Month Option

Summer Semester (6 credit hours)

Fall Semester (16 credit hours)

Spring Semester (12 credit hours)

One of the following two courses:

6 credits – Two graduate electives from a list of finance, accounting and energy classes


18-Month Option

Summer Semester (6 credit hours)

Fall Semester (13 credits)

Spring Semester (9 credits)

ONE of the following two courses: 

3 credits – One graduate elective from a list of finance, accounting, and energy classes  

Second Summer Semester

  • Provides time for a summer internship

Second Fall Semester (6 credits)



Banking & Financial Services