Leading the Way

At Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, we empower our students to embrace real-world challenges. Our immersive curriculum dares students to think strategically and venture beyond business as usual. With job-ready skills, Freeman students don’t just make an impact…

They lead the way.

Freeman is producing the best candidates ever; they are highly competitive with the best and brightest from the top universities, ranking very near the top of our schools in numbers of recruits.

Larry Sibley, Managing Director Credit Suisse First Boston

The Freeman Experience

Our graduates are career ready, armed with the knowledge and skills that broadly prepare them for a successful transition into their professional lives. 

Through specialized curricula and one-on-one work with career consultants, Freeman students master the competencies that ensure career success.

We take a comprehensive approach to preparing students for the future by developing the whole person. As a result, we regularly hear that Freeman graduates are promotable sooner. 

Here is just some what sets us apart:

Action Learning

Our students are immersed in the real world from day one. Through one-of-a-kind programs - like Burkenroad Reports and Darwin Fenner – our students can practice critical thinking and problem solving, fine-tune their oral and written communication skills, and build relationships through teamwork and collaboration. Our graduates can immediately put their knowledge to work for your company.

Degree Specializations

Our students can pursue a unique specialization to expand and enhance their professional toolkit, as well as tailor their program to meet their career goals – and their needs. Our students are committed to career management. And, by choosing a specialization, Freeman students gain critical knowledge in areas essential to your business. 


Our STEM-designated programs allow our international students to extend their time here by two years, for a total of three years of Optional Practical Training (OPT). 

Community Engagement

Our dedication to service is part of what makes Tulane so unique. At the Freeman School, community engagement is ingrained in our curriculum, which develops are students’ impressive leadership skills and unmatched work ethic.

Global Citizenship

The Freeman School is a portal to global business. Through study abroad and international trips integrated into some programs, students are armed with global fluency and primed to make a positive impact on the world. Freeman graduates bring an international perspective to your company. 


Freeman is the only business school that requires our BSM/MACCT students to qualify to sit for the CPA exam before graduation. Additionally, we are a program partner of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, and our program prepares students to take the CFA exam. Freeman graduates are equipped to provide both business and financial strategies that could be vital to health of your company.

Near & Far

Our students come farther to attend Tulane than any other university in the country – and we send our alumni equally as far afield.

heat map of the United States depicting concentrations of Tulane graduates

Project-Based Courses

Real-World Outcomes

Our immersive academic program and comprehensive career management services mean that our students are career-ready, with the problem-solving skills and agility to adapt to your work environment and business needs. If you hire from Freeman, you will join a distinguished group of companies.


Get to Know Our Students

We empower employers to promote their organizations and get to know our students.

Online: Post a job or browse student and alumni resumes on Handshake. If you are a new user, please register for an account. We will approve you within 48 hours.

On-campus interviews: Post a job opportunity to Handshake and select the applicants you would like to interview. The Career Management Center will schedule interviews on campus or virtually at your convenience.

Information sessions: Teach students about your industry, organization, and employment opportunities during an hour-long session. We will publicize the session and collect RSVPs.

Employer spotlight: Casually increase your presence on Tulane’s campus. Set up a table, promote your organization, and engage with Freeman students.

Classroom participation: Enrich the student experience by joining us in the classroom to teach part of a course or lecture.