Faculty Publications


Jasmijn Bol

  • Bol, J.C. and J. Blanche. 2021. Operational Risk Management: Organizational Controls and Incentive System Design.
  • Bol, J.C. and J. Leiby. 2021. Status Motives and Agent-to-Agent Information Sharing. Review of Accounting Studies
  • Bol, J.C., C. Estep, F. Moers and M. Peecher. 2018. The Role of Tacit Knowledge in Auditor Expertise and Human Capital Development Journal of Accounting Research, 56(4):1205-1252.
  • Bol, J.C. and J. Leiby. 2018. Subjectivity in Professionals' Incentive Systems: Differences between Promotion- and Performance-Based Assessments Contemporary Accounting Research, volume 35(1).
  • Bol, J.C., S. Kramer and V.S. Maas. 2016. How control system design affects performance evaluation compression: The role of information accuracy and outcome transparency. Accounting, Organizations and Society, volume 51:64-73.
  • Bol, J.C. and J. Lill. 2015. Performance Target Revisions in Incentive Contracts: Do Information and Trust Reduce Ratcheting and the Ratchet Effect? The Accounting Review, 90(5):1755-1778.
  • Bol, J.C. 2011. The Determinants and Performance Effects of Managers

Jake Krupa

Lisa LaViers

  • Pincus, M., LaViers, L., Prietula, M. J., & Berns, G. (2017). The Conforming Brain and Deontological Resolve. Thinking about Bribery: Neuroscience, Moral Cognition and the Psychology of Bribery. Cambridge University Press.
  • LaViers, L. Sandvik, J., and Xu, D. (2021) Fairness is in the Eye of the Investor: CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure Strategies and Market Reactions
  • Bol, J., LaViers, L., Sandvik, J. (2021) The Creativity Contest: An Experimental Investigation of Eliciting Employee Creativity
  • LaViers, L. and Sandvik, J. (2021) The Effect of Workplace Gender Diversity Disclosures on Job Search Decisions

John Page

  • "Bank Accounting Practices and Current Financial System Uncertainty", The CPA Journal

Ira Solomon

  • Doogar, R., P. Sivadasan, and Ira Solomon, "Audit Fee Residuals: Costs or Rents," Review of Accounting Studies, March 2015, pp. 14-28.
  • Peecher, M. E. and I. Solomon, "PCAOB's Audit Failure Rate is Highly Suspect," CFO Magazine, February 27, 2014.
  • Peecher, M.E. I. Solomon, and K.T. Trotman, "An Accountability Framework for Financial Statement Auditors and Related research Questions," Accounting, Organizations & Society, Vol. 38, December 2013, pp. 596-620.
  • Budescu, D., Peecher, M.E. and Ira Solomon, "The Joint Influence of the Extent and Nature of Audit Evidence, Materiality Thresholds, and Misstatement Type on Achieved Audit Risk," Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, May 2012, pp. 19-41.

Barrett Wheeler

  • Wheeler, P.B. "Loan Loss Accounting and Procyclical Bank Lending: The Role of Direct Regulatory Actions." Journal of Accounting and Economics, 67, No. 2-3 (2019): 463-495.
  • Wheeler, P.B. "Unrecognized Expected Credit Losses and Bank Share Prices." Journal of Accounting Research, 59, No. 3 (2021), 805-866.

Business & Legal Studies

Christopher Otten


Candace Jens

  • Political uncertainty and investment: Causal evidence from US gubernatorial elections, Journal of Financial Economics, (2017).
  • Political uncertainty and firm investment: Project-level evidence from M&A activity, with Zhenhua Chen, Mehmet Cihan, and T. Beau Page, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2021).


Huaizhong Chen

  • Knotts, K., Houghton, J. D., Pearce, C. L., Chen, H., Stewart, G. L., Manz, C. C. (in press) Leading from the inside out: A meta-analysis of self-leadership and individual outcomes. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.
  • Sun, S., Burke, M., Chen, H., Tan, Y., Zhang, J., Hou, L. (2021). Mitigating the psychologically detrimental effects of supervisor undermining: Joint effects of voice and political skill. Human Relations.
  • Sun, S. & Chen, H. (2017). Is political behavior a viable coping strategy to organizational politics? Unveiling the underlying resource dynamics. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(10), 1471-1482.

John Clarke

Angelo DeNisi

  • Performance appraisal and performance management: 100 Years of Progress? JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSCYHOLOGY, 2017.
  • Success and Failure in Internaitonal assignments: A Review and Proposed Multi-dimensional Model. JOURNAL OF GLOBAL MOBILITY, 2016.
  • Cross-level effects of demography and diversity cilmate efefcts on organizational attachment anf firm efefctiveness. JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 2009.
  • Host country nationals: The mising key expatruate success and failure? ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT EXCUTIVE, 2005.
  • The effects of feddback niterventions on performance: Historical review, meta-analysis, and a preliminary feedback intervention theiry. PSYCHOLOGICAL BULLETIN, 1996.
  • THe effects of communication with employees follwing a nmerger: A longitudinal field study. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 1991.

Sherif A. Ebrahim

  • "The Impact of Forced Innovation on Its Intended Outcomes," (S. Ebrahim)
  • White Paper, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Presented to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. (2012)
  • "The Golden Rules of Goal Setting," Strategic Management Group, All Rights Reserved, (2012).
  • "Goal Setting Mistakes," Strategic Management Group, All Rights Reserved. (2012).
  • "Cooperative Strategies for Effective Stock Transactions," Strategic Management Group, All Rights Reserved, (2012).
  • "The Impact of Managed Care on the Appropriate Utilization of Emergency Services," National Association of Public Health (1995).

Han Jiang

  • Jiang, H., Jia, N., Bruton, G., & Bai, T. 2021. Cleaning House before Hosting New Guests: A Political Path Dependence Model of Political Connection Adaptation in the Aftermath of Anticorruption Shocks. Strategic Management Journal, 42(10): 1793-1821.
  • Jiang, H., Xia, J., Devers, C., & Shen, W. 2020. Who Will Board a Sinking Ship? A Firm-Director Interdependence Perspective of Mutual Selection between Declining Firms and Director Candidates. Academy of Management Journal, 64(3): 901-925.
  • Jiang, H.*, Wang, Z.*, Yang, L.*, Shen, J., & Hahn, J., 2021. How rewarding are your rewards? A value-based view of crowdfunding rewards and crowdfunding performance. Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, 45(3): 562–599
  • Zhang, J.*, Jiang, H.*, Wu, R., & Li, J. 2019. Reconciling the Dilemma of Knowledge Sharing: A Network Pluralism Perspective of Firms. Journal of Management, 45(7): 2635-2665
  • Jiang, H., Cannella, A.A., Xia, J., & Xiao, T. 2018. Do Ongoing Networks Block out New Friends? Reconciling the Dilemma between Resource Dependence and Network Embeddedness. Strategic Management Journal, 39(1): 217-241.
  • Jiang, H., Cannella, A.A., & Jiao, J. 2018. Does Desperation Breed Deception? A Behavioral Model of Venture Opportunism. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 42(5): 769-796.
  • Jiang, H., Xia, J., Cannella, A.A, & Semadeni, M. 2017. Choose to Fight or Choose to Flee: A Social Embeddedness Perspective of Executive Ship Jumping in Declining Firms. Strategic Management Journal, 38(10): 2061-2079.

Rajat Khanna

  • Khanna, R., Guler, I. and Nerkar, A., 2016. Fail often, fail big, and fail fast? Learning from small failures and R&D performance in the pharmaceutical industry. Academy of Management Journal, 59(2), pp.436-459.
  • Khanna, R., Guler, I. and Nerkar, A., 2018. Entangled decisions: Knowledge interdependencies and terminations of patented inventions in the pharmaceutical industry. Strategic Management Journal, 39(9), pp.2439-2465.
  • Khanna, R., 2020. Aftermath of a tragedy: A star's death and coauthors' subsequent productivity. Research Policy, p.104159.

Ambika Prasad

  • Prasad, A., DeRosa, D., & Beyerlein, M. (2017). Dispersion beyond miles: configuration and performance in virtual teams. Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 23(3/4).
  • Prasad, A. (2016). Entrepreneurship among rural Indian women: empowerment through enterprise. Indian Women as Entrepreneurs: An Exploration of Self-Identity (Ed.Payal Kumar); Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Prasad, A. & Shivarajan, S. (2015). Understanding the Role of Technology in Reducing Corruption: A Transaction Cost Approach, Journal of Public Affairs, 15(1).
  • Beyerlein, M., Prasad, A., Cordas, J. & Shah, P (2015). Virtual teamwork in project teams.The Psychology and Management of Project Teams: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Eds. F. Chiocchio, B. Hobbs & K. Kelloway); Oxford University Press
  • Prasad, A. (2011). Stereotype threat In India: Gender and leadership choices, Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, 2(3).

Carmen Weigelt

  • Weigelt, C., E. Shittu (2016): Competition, Regulatory Policy, and Firms' Resource Investments: The case of Renewable Energy Technologies, forthcoming, Academy of Management Journal, 2016, 59(2)
  • Weigelt, C. (2013): Leveraging Supplier Capabilities: The role of the Locus of Capability Deployment, Strategic Management Journal
  • Weigelt, C., Miller, D. (2013): Implications of Internal Organization Structure for Firm Boundaries, Strategic Management Journal
  • Weigelt, C., Sarkar, MB. (2012): Performance Implications of Outsourcing for Technological Innovations: Managing the Efficiency and Adaptability Trade-Off, Strategic Management Journal, 33(2): 189-216.
  • Weigelt, C., Sarkar, MB. (2009): Learning from Supply-Side Agents: The Impact of Technology Solution Providers' Experiential Diversity on Clients' Innovation Adoption, Academy of Management Journal, 52(1): 37-60.
  • Weigelt, C. (2009): The Impact of Outsourcing New Technologies on Integrative Capabilities and Performance, Strategic Management Journal,30(6): 595-616

Michael Wilson

  • "River of Skills", International Society of Organizational Behavior, Milan, Italy, 1998.
  • "Effective Developmental Leadership: A Study of the Traits and Behaviors of a Leader Who Develops Both People and the Organization", Dissertation, LSU, 2004
  • Executive Leadership, Practice and Application, 2003
  • Facilitative Leadership, Creating a Collaborative Working Environment, 2003
  • International Leadership, Demands of a Global Economy, 2002
  • Teambuilding for the Professional Work Teams, 2001

Richard Young

  • Young, Richard J., Frank Glovan's Teamsters: Labor Leadership in Truck Driver's Union Local 407, Cleveland, Ohio (Oxford: Miami University Department of History, 1998)

Management Science

Musa Caglar

Rakesh Mallipeddi

  • Mallipeddi, R., Janakiraman, R., Kumar, S., Gupta, S. "The Effects of Social Media Content Created by Human Brands on Engagement: Evidence from Indian General Election 2014" (Information Systems Research, Forthcoming)
  • Mallipeddi, R., Kumar, S., Sriskandarajah, C., Zhu, Y. "A Framework for Analyzing Influencer Marketing in Social Networks: Selection and Scheduling of Influencers" (Management Science, Forthcoming)


Hee Ryung "Claire" Kim

  • Kim, Claire Heeryung and Youjae Yi (2016), "The Effects of Impression Management on Coupon Redemption across Cultures," Psychology & Marketing, 33 (7), 573-83.
  • Kim, Claire Heeryung, Adam Duhachek, DaHee Han, and Zakary Tormala (2018), "Political Identity, Preference, and Persuasion," Social Influence, 13 (4), 177-91.
  • Kim, Claire Heeryung and Eunjoo Han (2020), "Premiums Paid for What You Believe in: The Interactive Role of Price Promotion and Cause Involvement on Consumer Response," Journal of Retailing, 96 (2), 235-50. (Equal Authorship)
  • Kim, Claire Heeryung and Joonkyung Kim (2021), "The Role of Cause Involvement and Assortment Size on Decision Difficulty via Communal Relationships," Sustainability, 13(23), 13458. (Equal Authorship)
  • Kim, Claire Heeryung, Kelly B. Herd, and H. Shanker Krishnan (2022), “The Creative Touch: The Influence of Haptics on Creativity,” Forthcoming, Marketing Letters.

Harish Sujan

  • Weitz, Barton A., Harish Sujan and Mita Sujan (1986), "Knowledge, Motivation and Adaptive Behavior: A Framework for Improving Selling Effectiveness," Journal of Marketing, 50 (October), 174-191. (WOS Cites=277)
  • Murray, Noel, Harish Sujan, Edward Hirt and Mita Sujan (1990), "The Effects of Mood on Categorization: A Cognitive Flexibility Hypothesis," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58, (September), 411-434. (WOS Cites=170)
  • Sujan, Harish, Barton A. Weitz and Nirmalya Kumar (1994), "Learning Orientation, Working Smart and Effective Selling," Journal of Marketing (July), 39-52. (WOS Cites=277).
  • Wagner, Richard K., Harish Sujan, Mita Sujan, Carol Rashotte and Robert J. Sternberg (1999), "Tacit Knowledge in Sales," in Tacit Knowledge in Professional Practice, editors Robert J. Sternberg and Joseph A. Horvath, 155-183.