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Executive MBA Houston Admissions

The Executive MBA classroom is filled with professionals, managers, and executives from a variety of occupations, industries, and backgrounds.  What they have in common is their level of experience in business and management decision-making and their motivation to succeed.  Each candidate is evaluated based on key admission criteria detailed under program requirements.

In the EMBA, sharing your personal experiences is a large learning component.  Our Executive MBA faculty are exceptional, and so are our students.  Qualifying for the EMBA program means that with your experience and drive you can not only take advantage of this unique learning venue, but you can enhance it.

Important Dates

The program start time: TBA.

Executive MBA Application Requirements

A bachelor's degree is required; however, neither a business degree nor specific business courses are required for admission. Official transcripts from the registrar of all colleges and universities attended must be requested by the candidate and sent directly to the applicable Admissions Office at Tulane University, Houston campus. Email and postal mail addresses are listed at the top of this page.

A limited number of non-degreed candidates may be admitted to the program as an exception to admission policies. The admission process for non-degreed applicants is competitive, highly selective, and only outstanding candidates will be considered for admission. The GMAT is not a required component of the application.  In some cases, the admissions committee will ask a candidate to take the GMAT or another alternative to provide additional evidence of academic readiness.


A resume detailing your employment history and academic background. List professional distinctions, affiliations, and activities.


We offer GMAT waivers on a case by case basis.

Personal Interview

The interview aids the Committee in assessing the candidate's strengths, motivations, personal commitment, and ability to meet the demands of the program. The interview also offers the candidate an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any individual concerns about the program. We strongly encourage applicants to schedule an interview early in the application process.


Two recommendations, attesting to the applicant's academic and professional abilities, are required. One recommendation should be from a high-ranking officer from the candidate's organization. A second should be from an immediate supervisor (or for self-employed applicants, a business associate) who has personal knowledge of the candidate's work.

Application Fee

A non-refundable $200 application fee is required. This fee can be paid online by credit card. This fee is waived for applicants who attend an information session within the past year.

Applicant Qualification

The Admissions Committee evaluates each candidate for the Tulane Executive MBA program based on these admission criteria.

Professional Experience and Leadership

On average, our enrolled students have 12 years of full-time, progressive work experience. We typically require that an applicant has a minimum of five years, however, the Committee will consider exceptions based on career progression, depth and breadth of experience, and level of management responsibility.

Demonstrated Ability

When assessing a candidate's academic ability, the committee considers the candidate's professional history and academic performance as evidenced by a resume and transcripts.


Program Costs

Program Costs

The investment for the Houston Executive MBA program is $97,500 (2019-2020).

It is an all-inclusive fee and includes:

  • Registration and course fees.
  • Preparatory courses.
  • All required textbooks and course materials.*
  • Study labs.
  • Breakfast and lunch on class days.
  • Airfare, hotel, and group meals for the intensive seminar at the New Orleans campus.
  • Airfare, hotel, and group meals for the international seminar abroad. 

*The cost of a notebook computer, a requirement for the program, is not included.

Payment Options

A confirmation deposit of $2,000 is required upon acceptance into the program.

We offer two program payment options:

  • Pay by Term
  • Pay by Module

Pay by Term

Paying for each term is the traditional payment method for most universities: students can pay a portion of the program fee before each semester.

Pay by Module

Payments are due at the end of each of the 12 modules (approximately every 7 to 8 weeks). The $2,000 commitment deposit is deducted from the first module payment. This modular payment schedule allows tuition to be deferred until courses are completed to better coordinate with employer reimbursements.

Financial Aid

Graduate students typically use a combination of federal loans, private loans, and personal funds to cover tuition, fees, and other expenses while attending Tulane University. Federal funds may include Direct Federal Unsubsidized Stafford and Direct Federal Graduate Plus loans.  All students loans are administered through the Tulane University Office of Financial Aid.  Visit for more information.

To apply for federal aid, students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Visit to begin your FAFSA application.  You may complete your FAFSA application at any time during the application process.

In order to process your FAFSA application, you must (1) be accepted into this program, (2) confirm your acceptance by submitting your acceptance agreement and confirmation deposit, and (3) log into the student portal at to enter your social security number into the student information system.  Your social security number must be in the Tulane system in order for your FAFSA application to the processed by Tulane.  You can then visit to track the status of your FAFSA application at Tulane University.

Questions and correspondence regarding financial aid for this program should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid,
(504) 865-5723, (800) 335-3210, or


The Freeman School offers a limited number of scholarships for the Houston Executive MBA program. We consider and evaluate each applicant for a scholarship award. To qualify, applicants must complete and submit their application by November 1 (prior to their program start in January).

Scholarship Guidelines

 Rev. July 2018

Military Applicants

Each year a number of military personnel enroll in our programs, active duty as well as veterans. Earning a degree from Tulane's Freeman School of Business is a very smart way to prepare for moving into business and corporate settings, entering energy or finance sectors, or beginning an entrepreneurial venture.

We encourage you to apply to any of our alternate weekend programs and to reap the benefits of a degree from Tulane University's Freeman School of Business.

Military Benefits

Military personnel who are qualified may receive post-graduate education benefits up to VA allowable maximum for each year (fall through summer) that they are enrolled. You must apply for these benefits.

Since the 2014-15 Academic Year, the Tulane University School of Business has been participating in the Yellow Ribbon program up to $25,000 per student/per year. Your military benefits may also include a housing reimbursement paid directly to you.

For more information, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs. You may also visit or .

Online Prep Courses

We highly recommend that you begin preparing for our program by enrolling in the online prep courses in Quantitative Methods, Spreadsheet Modeling (Excel), and Financial Accounting.

These online courses offer you the flexibility of studying at your convenience as you prepare to begin this rigorous course of study. All candidates, applicants, and accepted students are encouraged to enroll in these courses before the curriculum begins. In some cases, applicants may be required to complete one or more of these courses as an admission requirement.

You will move through the courses at your own pace and at times and locations that are convenient to you.