BSM Completion Rates | A. B. Freeman School of Business

BSM Completion Rates

Tulane University admits all new full-time freshmen into the undergraduate college of Newcomb-Tulane. By the start of their junior year, students are required to declare a major and join its associated school. As such, a true freshman cohort does not exist for The A.B. Freeman School of Business; however completion rates can be tracked beginning with the point of declaration or first junior semester. This does not include students who left the university in their freshman or sophomore years.

In the fall of 2011, 307 students from the fall 2009 entering class were enrolled in the Freeman School Bachelor of Science in Management program. Of that junior cohort, 92.18% earned a BSM by the summer of 2015. 4.56% transferred to another Tulane school and were awarded a bachelor’s degree within the same timeframe. Thus, 96.74% of the students enrolled in the BSM program as juniors were awarded a bachelor’s degree by Tulane University within three years.

Tulane University’s 2009 entering freshman class, when tracked from their first semester and for six subsequent years, graduated at a rate of 83%.