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Executive and Professional Education

Custom Programs for Organizations

Through our custom executive education programs, Freeman provides courses tailored to address the needs of individual companies, organizations and industry associations. Executive education allows an organization to address critical challenges in the ever-changing business landscape through educational solutions that transform your leadership, your teams and your organization at every level. At the Freeman School, our goal is to help everyone we work with learn new skills that can be immediately applied on the job and to achieve measurable, long-term results. 

We will work with you to develop an immersive custom program for groups of up to 50 executives or professionals, whether for a single day, multiple days, or a multiple module learning experience. While most executive education programs are delivered in person to maximize the interactive, collaborative experience, custom programs may also be developed online or in a hybrid in person and online format based on the needs of your company.

We offer our programs at the Stewart Center for Executive Education, conveniently located in New Orleans' Central Business District. Our state of the art classrooms contain the latest technology, including accommodations for remote learners. We offer in-house catering and event management services. 

Collaborate with Freeman to develop solutions to

  • Transform your business
  • Grow your leadership pipeline
  • Strengthen and build internal teams
  • Improve performance
  • Develop new strategies

Why Choose to Partner with Freeman?

  • Our Faculty - Renowned Freeman faculty, global experts and industry leaders contribute their knowledge and skills to the custom design process and innovative teaching techniques to the classroom.
  • Our Teaching - Freeman focuses on experiential education to bring industry experience, examples and problems into the learning process. Programs may use diverse teaching elements, including case study analysis, exercises, business simulations, interactive lectures and group discussions.
  • Our Research - Our faculty are recognized researchers and authors who regularly publish, driving new ideas and creative thinking that they bring to their programs.
  • Our Services - The Stewart Center for Executive Education shares space with the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute, allowing us to provide high quality catering and event planning to fulfill your needs. 


Custom Program Design Process

We work closely with each organization to develop a tailored program that meets your learning objectives and goals. This collaborative process can take anywhere from two to six months, depending on the size, length and complexity of the custom program requested.

  • Needs Assessment - We will develop a thorough understanding of your business needs, objectives and priorities through conversations with key stakeholders in your organization. We will provide a program proposal based on this initial assessment.
  • Program Design - Once a proposal has been accepted, we will work closely with you to deepen our understanding of the business and culture, refine learning objectives and topics, and finalize plans for curriculum format and delivery with our educational team. Faculty and administrators will be directly involved with key stakeholders of the organization in designing the curriculum and materials for the program.
  • Program Delivery - Our educational team will ensure smooth and effective program delivery and support to your participants before, during and after the program delivery. Our programs may be delivered at Freeman’s Stewart Center CBD in downtown New Orleans, at the Uptown Campus or at the location of your choosing. Our team will ensure that everything from curriculum, catering and social events are delivered with exceptional attention to detail.
  • Program Evaluation - Finally, we want feedback from you and your participants on the program experience. After each program, we conduct surveys to capture this important information to refine our curriculum and assess future programs. Client testimonials are encouraged and desired.