JD/MBA Curriculum

The Freeman School offers two options for Tulane University School of Law students to earn both a JD and an MBA concurrently, as well as three options for completing an MBA independent of law school. Please visit the Tulane Law School page for more information on the JD curriculum. For more information, or to request a sample schedule of any of our programs, please contact admissions.


Three-Year JD/MBA

Our three-year accelerated JD/MBA program allows students to earn both a JD from Tulane Law School and an MBA from the Freeman School in the same amount of time as most JD programs. In addition to the Law School curriculum, students in the three-year program will take 45 credits in Freeman's full-time MBA program. Please note: Students in the three-year program do not participate in Freeman's global leadership module. 

Students complete a summer semester in the business school, either prior to the first year of law school or between the first and second years. In the second and third year, students complete coursework for both degrees concurrently.

Four-Year JD/MBA

The four-year JD/MBA program allows students to earn a JD from Tulane Law School and an MBA from the Freeman School, saving a year over traditional joint programs. In addition to the Law School curriculum, students in the four-year program will take 49 credits in Freeman's full-time MBA program, including the global leadership module. The first two years are typically spent in the Law School. The third year is dedicated to MBA coursework at Freeman, and in the fourth year students take courses for both degrees concurrently.

Options for Practicing Lawyers

The Freeman School offers several options to practicing lawyers for completing the MBA: the three-year Professional MBA, with courses offered on weekday evenings, or the 17-month Executive MBA, with courses held on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) twice monthly.

Accelerated PMBA

Because of their exceptional academic preparation, law students and recent graduates may complete the MBA independent of their law school curriculum by enrolling in Freeman's full-time, accelerated PMBA program. Some JD candidates pursue their MBA by taking a year off during law school or following completion of law school. The second option gives students the flexibility to complete MBA coursework while simultaneously securing employment.

The accelerated PMBA requires 54 credit hours, but law students and recent graduates may be eligible to waive credit hours based on their previous academic experience. The program follows the traditional Professional MBA curriculum, but starts in June with an intensive summer semester followed by traditional fall and spring semesters. Coursework can be customized with electives that support specific career interests.