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"Within my first school year after completing the business minor, I have noticed great improvements in my presentation skills, ability to write and edit professional communications, and my critical thinking process. The skills taught in this summer program are incredibly useful for people in any field. Getting to stay in New Orleans for the summer is just an added bonus."
Andrew Dowley
B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering


Q: What is The Business Minor Summer Institute?

A: Tulane's Business Minor Summer Institute (BMSI) is an accelerated, 10-week program that provides undergraduates with the fundamentals of business and the skills necessary to shine in the corporate world. Featuring courses taught by some of Freeman's most sought-after and distinguished faculty members, the BMSI allows students with little or no prior business coursework to earn 23.5 academic credits and a business minor in just one summer.

Q: When and where will the Business Minor Summer Institute be held?

A: The Business Minor Summer Institute takes place in New Orleans on Tulane's uptown campus in Goldring-Woldenberg Business Complex. The program is broken down into two 5-week sessions: Monday, May 13 through Sunday, June 16, 2019 (finals June 17-18), and Monday, June 24 through Sunday, July 28, 2019 (finals July 29-30). Both summer sessions are required. Classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with an hour lunch break starting at noon, and Friday 10am to noon with no lunch. Students will receive advanced warning by any professor who needs to reschedule or make up class time.

Q: Is the business minor program available to Tulane graduates as well? I earned my degree in May and was wondering whether this would be an option for me.

A: Yes. The program welcomes Tulane graduates and undergraduates alike.

Q: What will I gain from participating in the Business Minor Summer Institute?

A: The Business Minor Summer Institute offers participants the unique opportunity to earn 23.5 academic credits towards a Tulane undergraduate degree while exploring a fresh curriculum, practicing real-world, hands-on business skills, and strengthening marketability. Further, with a minor in business from Tulane's Freeman School, students gain the competitive edge that today's employers seek.

Ultimately, students participate in the minor program for a variety of different reasons. The following is just a glimpse of why several previous participants decided to enroll:

  • To diversify his/her academic portfolio
  • Resume enhancement
  • To have the flexibility to excel in any professional environment
  • To improve interpersonal skills and gain confidence
  • To complement one part of academic training with another that provides both practical and theoretical knowledge
  • To have an advantage when applying to grad school
  • Networking opportunities


Q: Can you describe the curriculum?

A: Ten courses allow students to gain a solid foundation of business fundamentals from Freeman's finest professors. Courses include Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Management Communications, Organization Behavior, Business Computing, Legal Studies, Marketing, and one finance-driven course (students opt to take either Financial Management or Personal Finance). In addition to individual coursework, students will have group assignments including oral presentations and papers. 

Q: How is the program organized?

A: The program is broken down into two, 5-week sessions, separated by a one-week break. Classes take place Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with a one-hour lunch break at noon, and Friday 10 am to noon with no lunch break. Both summer sessions are required. Additional activities include networking opportunities, guest speakers, and professional development workshops. 

Q: Can I complete the business minor over two summers?

A: No. It is important that the integrity of the minor remains constant, and that the curriculum is completed in one summer.

Q: I am not very math savvy. Will this be an issue for me?

A: Since the start of the Business Minor Summer Institute six years ago, no student has argued that the program favors one academic area over another. While the program strives to cover the wide array of business fundamentals, including accounting, finance, and economics, the required courses stem from Freeman's business core and do not require advanced skills of any nature.

Q: Does the program have a final exam period similar to the regular school terms?

A: Yes. Session 1 exams are scheduled to take place Monday, June 16 & Tuesday, June 18. Session 2 finals are tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 29 & Tuesday, July 30.

Q: Who teaches in the Business Minor Summer Institute?

A: The Business Minor Summer Institute courses are taught by a variety of distinguished Freeman faculty members, most of whom are from the undergraduate business program. Faculty members are available to the students throughout the entire program to serve as mentors and help lay a foundation for a career in business.

Q: Do I receive grades in the courses I take? Are they calculated into my cumulative GPA?

A: Yes and yes. Students will receive 23.5 elective credits and grades are calculated into the undergraduate's cumulative Newcomb-Tulane GPA.

Q: Will there be homework or outside reading?

A: Yes. The Business Minor Summer Institute courses are based on the curriculum taught during the regular academic year (2,100 minutes per 3-credit course). Participants of the program are expected to complete similar assignments and are tested to ensure that at the end of the program the student has a solid grasp on the fundamentals of business.

Q: How will the Business Minor Summer Institute strengthen my resume?

A: Participants will be better able to present themselves to employers as well-rounded, experienced candidates ready to and able to contribute to a company.

Q: I am majoring in X, should I enroll in this program?

A: Yes! Students and graduates from all majors (Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering, Architecture, etc.) are encouraged to participate in the minor program.

Q: Am I able to take additional courses outside of the minor program?

A: Yes, however most BMSI participants opt against this. The Business Minor Summer Institute is an intense and demanding program that operates five days a week, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. In addition, evenings may be consumed with group meetings or exam reviews. Adding additional courses to the business minor workload is not encouraged or recommended.

Campus Life

Q: Who will be in class with me?

A: Students from all majors (Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering, Continuing Studies, etc.) are encouraged to participate in the minor program.

Q: Where will I live while attending the program?

A: Students have the option to live on campus or off campus.

Q: Where do participants eat during the program? Does tuition include a meal plan? Do my WaveBuck$ roll over for use during the summer.

A: While meal plans are not included in the cost of tuition, the program does cater four complimentary meals each week throughout the program. Wavebuck$ do not roll over for use. Specifically, Wavebuck$ and NOLAbuck$ expire at the end of the spring semester, typically mid-May. For more information on summer meal plans, click here

Q: I have a disability. Will I be accommodated?

A: Absolutely. Tulane University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action university. The BMSI staff will work with you to meet your requests and ensure that your experience is rewarding. Students with a learning disability should contact Goldman Center for Student Accessibility, to coordinate testing accommodations. The center may be reached via telephone at 504-862-8433 or visit their website

Q: What is the dress code for the program? Will I need business professional clothing?

A: Dress is business casual during classes and meetings, but business attire will be required on occasion. You will be given a list of necessary items prior to arrival.

Q: Will I need a laptop or specific software?

A: The Freeman School requires all students to have a notebook computer. During the summer, you will have unlimited access to the computing resources required, and through hundreds of network connections throughout the buildings, you will have convenient access to the Freeman School's internal network, Tulane's shared systems, and the Internet.

Student notebook computers must meet the specifications as outlined by the Freeman School.

Basic requirements for all programs are:

  • The Windows operating system

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010 or 2013 (for Windows)

  • Internet Explorer

For more information, please visit Freeman's Information Technology and Media Services webpage.


Q: How much does the program cost? What does my fee cover?

A: The total cost of tuition (exclusive of university and/or course fees) is $14,750. Tuition covers the cost of the required courses (23.5 credits).

Q: Do you offer financial aid or payment plan options?

A: The Business Minor Summer Institute does not offer or accept financial aid of any kind, including Institutional Merit Scholarships and Full-Time Division Undergraduate Student Grants.


Q: When is tuition due? 

A: Tuition charged on or before April 30, 2019, is due May 31, 2019 (applies to all program participants who enroll before May).

Q: How do I apply to the program?

A: Students must complete the Intent to Enroll form online. A member of our staff will contact you shortly after for an appointment.

Q: When does the program stop accepting Intent to Enroll forms?

A: While we encourage students to submit enrollment forms as soon as possible, preferably by April 15, 2019 the program accepts students up until the day before classes begin.

Q: Do you interview business minor applicants?

A: No. Interviews are not required for admission into the Business Minor Summer Institute, but we encourage applicants to come in for a meeting with one of our staff members.

Q: Do I need to take the GMAT to attend the Business Minor Summer Institute?

A: No. GMAT scores are not required for admission to the Business Minor Summer Institute.

Q: Can I enroll if I am an international student?

A: Absolutely. The Business Minor Summer Institute welcomes international students from all majors.