EMBA Scholarship Guidelines 2023

Individuals who meet the following criteria are invited to submit an application:

(a) Candidate is currently employed full-time in a mid- to upper-management position.

(b) Candidate can demonstrate financial need.  

(c) Candidate has earned a bachelor's degree from a four-year university or college.

(d) Candidate has at least seven years of work experience, with five years in a position of significant management responsibility.  Some exceptions may be made for exceptional applicants with at least five years of work experience.

(e) Candidate is a US citizen or permanent resident.

(f) Candidate has completed and submitted all EMBA program and EMBA scholarship application requirements by November 15.   


An EMBA scholarship may be awarded to one or more candidates each year as determined by and at the sole discretion of the EMBA Scholarship Selection Committee (Committee).

The Committee will consider each qualified candidate's motivation; potential for the candidate and the organization to benefit from the program; and potential to improve candidate's performance in current and future job responsibilities. Candidates representing organizations that are primarily involved in socially responsible or community service activities may be given preference, but not to the exclusion of other qualified candidates. The number of candidates receiving scholarships will be at the sole discretion of the EMBA Admissions Committee and based in part on class size and availability of seats in the relevant EMBA classes.

Applicants are required to complete the FAFSA online form no later than November 15 (using the Federal School Code 002029 for Tulane University).

Scholarship award recipients will be notified no later than December 1 of the current year. Each selected scholarship recipient must submit to Tulane University written acceptance of their award by December 5. Should the recipient not respond by this deadline or choose not to accept the scholarship award for any reason, the award offer will be withdrawn.  The Selection Committee has the right, but not the obligation, to select an alternate scholarship recipient from the interviewed candidates.

Scholarship award recipients must pay all EMBA costs not covered by the scholarship award according to the payment schedule set for that class year and forwarded to the recipient with the scholarship acceptance materials. An initial, non-refundable deposit of $1,000 will be required with the candidate's acceptance agreement to confirm the scholarship and enrollment in the program.

Tulane will have the right to publicly announce these scholarship awards and recipients. Each award recipient must agree to a public announcement of his/her scholarship award.


■ The Freeman School of Business offers the scholarship recipient(s) a waiver of up to twenty percent of the program cost applicable to current EMBA program.

■ Tulane will not publicly release any personal information provided in any candidate's application, including GMAT scores or transcript information, with the exception of the specific items agreed upon for publicity purposes and stated herein under the Responsibilities of Award Recipient/Enrolled Student.

The scholarship award recipient must:

■ commit to being fully engaged in the academic program and to attending all classes and seminars in the curriculum.

■ demonstrate enthusiasm for supporting and collaborating with classmates and colleagues in their own companies to leverage their own learning and accomplishments.

■ Meet any and all student requirements and obligations to the EMBA program, Freeman School of Business, and Tulane University, including satisfactory academic performance, and honor code, moral, and ethical standards.

■ Meet any and all financial obligations for program costs not covered by the scholarship in accordance with the policies set forth by Tulane University and the Freeman School of Business, including any incidental and travel expenses not part of the program cost.

■ Have a laptop computer for use during the program that meets current computer specifications and software and operating system requirements.

■ Agree to public announcement of scholarship award including program, amount of award, recipient's name, job title, and company/organization.

■ Accept full personal responsibility for any and all personal or organization tax implications resulting from or associated with this scholarship award.

Failure to meet any of these obligations may result in loss of scholarship and dismissal from the program.

Scholarship awards will apply to only one EMBA program class year, and award funds cannot be deferred, delayed or transferred. Scholarship funds are only applicable to the EMBA program and otherwise have no monetary value that can be paid, reimbursed, awarded, used or applied in any other manner except for the initial intended use as described herein and in the Acceptance Agreement.

If, for any reason, a scholarship recipient withdraws or is dismissed from the program, award funds will cease. Tulane will have no future obligation to the withdrawn/dismissed student to continue the award in future years or to refund any award funds or expenses related to the program. If a scholarship recipient is withdrawn or dismissed from the program for any reason, including failure to meet academic, financial or student obligations, neither the student recipient nor Tulane will have any further obligations beyond those accrued as of the dismissal date, and all accrued financial obligations to Tulane will be payable immediately.

Tulane is not obligated to award scholarship funds and may selectively choose, at its sole discretion, the amount of the award, years that funds are awarded and the number of award recipients.


 Rev. August 2023

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