Financing Your PhD

Financial Assistance

Admitted students will receive a tuition waiver as well as an annual scholarship/assistantship of $36,000, which may be renewed annually for up to six years. Half of the stipend will be a scholarship of $18,000 provided the student is making satisfactory progress. The remaining half will be an assistantship of $18,000 per year provided the student is making satisfactory progress and performing well in his or her assistantship duties. Entering students will also receive one-time technology support of $1,500 to purchase a laptop computer and/or other approved technology.

Research and Teaching Budget

Students will receive $1,500 annually starting in Year 3 to be used for research and teaching related expenses such as attending conferences, submission fees for papers to journals, etc.

Assistantships and Teaching Requirements

Assistantships provide an opportunity for mentorship by the faculty in the areas of teaching and research. Students will be assigned on a rotating basis to either a research assistantship or a teaching assistantship for each semester during the first 2 1/2 years in the program. Each semester-long assistantship will entail 15 hours per week as a research or teaching assistant under the supervision of a faculty member. In the third year, students are expected to serve as a research or teaching assistant for one semester and to teach one course for the other semester. During the fourth and fifth year (and the sixth year if a student is still in the program), students will teach two courses per year for their assistantship.

Note: Students must successfully complete one teaching assistantship and attend a course offered by Tulane’s Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching for graduate teaching assistants before they teach a class independently.

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