Graduate Student Organizations

Beta Alpha Psi

This honorary national accounting fraternity seeks to promote continuous self-improvement, to foster high moral and ethical standards, to encourage and recognize scholastic and professional excellence, to cultivate a sense of responsibility and service, to promote the collegiate study of accounting, and to provide an opportunity for association between members and practicing accountants. Membership, by invitation only, is based on scholarship and professional attributes.


President: Izzy Grussgott
Vice President and Treasurer: Ashley Nita
Reporting Secretary & Controller: Isabelle Ahn
Faculty Advisors: Karen Foust and Christine Smith
Career Management Center Liaison: Bill Hudlow

Beta Gamma Sigma

The purpose of this honorary business scholastic fraternity is to reward scholarship and accomplishment in all phases of business, to promote the advancement of education in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practices. High scholarship and promise of marked ability are the prime requisites for membership nominations. Induction ceremonies are held during the fall and spring semesters.


Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaison: Donn Barclay

Freeman Consulting Group

Through the support of the Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Freeman Consulting Group (FCG) provides business consulting to local organizations on a non-fee basis. Clients are presented with workable solutions and FCG members gain valuable consulting experience.


President: Kalsey Belle
Executive Vice President: Joshua Bowman
Vice President of Finance: Alyshah Banani
Vice President of Projects: Kamran Sakhitab
Vice President of Communications: Tonja Latham
Faculty Advisor: Robert Lalka
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaison: Donn Barclay


Graduate Business Council

The Graduate Business Council (GBC), of which all graduate business students are members, serves the academic, professional, and personal interests of its membership.The group facilitates interaction and communication among the student body, the administration, the faculty, and the Tulane community. GBC accomplishes its mission by marketing its students, developing a productive learning environment, and providing mentoring and relationship-building opportunities. GBC also serves as the umbrella organization to other graduate business organizations. Questions or concerns may be directed to the GBC officers.


President: Jade Barnblatt
VP Administration: Keagan Goldwait
VP Finance: Connor Comeaux
Student Affairs Liaison: Sydney Trainor
Academic Affairs Liaison: Ethan Garner
International Affairs Liaison: Mitch Murray
Career Development and Alumni Affairs Liaison: Kalsey Belle
Graduate Admissions Liaison: Vasili Econopouly
GAPSA Senators: Alyshah Banani, Orsula Staka, and Chris Taylor
Master of Accounting Representative: Olivia Warsing
Master of Business Administration Representative: Henry McDavid
Master of Business Analytics Representative: Omema Akhtar
Master of Finance Representative: open
Master of Management in Energy Representative: John Michael Davenport
Professional MBA Representative: Jana Whipple
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaisons: Carla Coury and Erin Revere

Hispanic Business Council

The Hispanic Business Council (HBC) creates a community of Latino business students and increases awareness of issues affecting students in business and academic settings. HBC works collaboratively with Prospanica and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana to sponsor lectures, networking events, community service projects, and career development opportunities. Membership is open to all Freeman students.


Contact: Eliana Winderman
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaisons: Donn Barclay and Marco Tejeda-Kemp

Tulane Algorithmic Trading Club

The Tulane Algorithmic Trading Club addresses the technological challenges in today's markets by supporting research, facilitating discussions, and hosting the hands-on development of computerized trading programs. Open to all students, members will gain real-world skills through writing and developing their own trading algorithms while learning from the wisdom and experience of their peers and faculty advisors. Algorithms are tested against the markets and against other members in real-time using industry-standard platforms.


President: open
Vice President: Zhuoqin "Mike" Peng
Faculty Advisor: Raja Velu
Alumni Advisor: Derek Fossier
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaison: Bill Hudlow

Tulane Analytics Club

The purpose of the Tulane Analytics Club is to educate and inspire students interested in a career in analytics and to further their knowledge of analytics. The organization offers professional resources to its members on analytics in the business world today and the tools needed to be successful in analytics. The Tulane Analytics Club offers networking events and bootcamp events where analytics professionals guide in-depth sessions on the latest analytic tools and software platforms used in industry today.


Contact: open
Faculty Advisor: Osman Kazan
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaison: Bill Hudlow

Tulane Energy Club

The purpose of the Tulane Energy Club is to educate and inspire students interested in pursuing a career in the energy industry. In pursuit of this goal, TEC coordinates a variety of activities for its members, including a distinguished speaker series, networking events, and field trips. By enhancing students' knowledge of the energy industry and helping them develop the relationships that are vital to success, TEC also advances the post-graduate opportunities of its members.


Operations and Logistics: Matt Lucas 
External Communication and Networking: Grant Laws
Faculty Advisor: Eric Smith
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaisons: Denise Peery and Erin Revere

Tulane Real Estate Club

The mission of the Tulane Real Estate Club (TREC) is to bring together Freeman students with previous experience or future interest in real estate. To fulfill this mission, TREC invites members of the New Orleans real estate community to guest lecture and network among club members. The club discusses issues in the real estate industry through regular meetings and members participate in various local and national real estate competitions.


Contact: Andrew Marymont
Faculty Advisors: A.J. Brooks and John Huppi
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaison: Donn Barclay

Tulane Women in Business

Tulane Women in Business is dedicated to fostering a community that encourages the success of women by enabling them to have meaningful careers and to promote equality in the workplace. The purpose of the organization is to offer professional resources to aid member career development and job prospects; to foster a forum for collaboration for Freeman graduate students; to organize networking events with alumni, professional women, entrepreneurs, and professors; to provide support through mentoring opportunities; and to raise awareness through community and internal outreach.


President: Carolyn McGinnis
VP of Communications: Samantha Rubin
VP of Finance: Amanda Phillips
VP of Student Affairs: Ande Kral
VP of Programming: Elicia Lewis
Faculty Advisor: Ashley Nelson
Staff Advisor: John Silbernagel
Career Management Center Liaison: Erin Revere

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