Office of Media Services
Goldring Woldenberg Business Complex, Room 219

William Hydrick

Assitant Director
Michael Ougel

Manager, Multimedia Production Projects
Sarah Hava Valley

Senior Audio - Visual Technician

Media Services


Aegis Awards

The Aegis Awards is one of the oldest and most respected video/film production contests in the United States. The Aegis Awards is the only competition that features true peer judging by fellow producers, directors, cameramen, editors, and other professionals who work in the video/film industry every day.

Award of Excellence Winner

2002 "MBA Orientation Finale"
2003 "Burkenroad Investments Conference Promo"

Award of Excellence Finalist

2001 "Cherries Jubilee"
2001 "2001 MBA Orientation, Finance"
2002 "Dean's Promo Tour"
2003 "MBA for the Americas"
2003 "Business Plan Competition, USA"
2003 "MBA Orientation Finale"

Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program honoring creative excellence for Communications Professionals. Founded by communication professionals over a decade ago, The Communicator Awards receives over 9,000 entries from companies and agencies of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world.



Award of Excellence

2001 "Cherries Jubliee"
2002 "MBA Orientation Finale"
2005 "A Perspective on the Economy"
2011 "The Quest for Fool's Gold"
2017 “J&J Extermination Company”
2018 “Steve Gleason, 2017 Social Entrepreneur”


Award of Distinction

2002 "Burkenroad Reports Latin America"
2003 "MBA for the America's Recruitment Tape"
2005 "Tribute to Our Dean"
2005 "MBA for the America's Promo"
2008 "Madeline Albright"
2008 "Private Equity"
2008 "2008 Burkenroad Symposium"
2011 "The Quest for Fool's Gold"
2016  “ Jimmy Maurin, 2015 Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year”
2017 “Cortney Cole-Hall, Executive MBA”
2017 “Caroline Roemer, Charter School Advocate, 2016 Social Entrepreneur of the Year”
2018 “J.J. Buquet, 2017 Distinguished Entrepreneur”
2019 “Sandy Rosenthal, 2018 Tulane Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year”
2019 “Patrick P. Comer, Tulane Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year”

Communicator Award

2013  “12th Annual LRI Business Plan Finalists”

Honorable Mention

2002 "Dean's World Tour Promo"
2003 "Business Plan Competition"
2003 "R.W Freeman Lecture Series Cablecast"
2004 "Helping People Build Brighter Tomorrows"
2005 "Burkenroad Symposium 2004"
2006 "2006 MBA Orientation Video"

Telly Awards

The Telly Awards honor the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions, and work created for the Web. The Telly Awards strengthen the visual arts community by inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity. 

Bronze Award

2010 "InExchange, Fair Trade Store" 
2011 "Tulane Business Forum PSA"
2011 "Interactivity and Learning in Tulane's Biomedical Engineering Curriculum"
2017  “Cortney Cole-Hall, Executive MBA”
2018  Winner in Non-Broadcast: Social Responsibility – “Sandy Rosenthal, 2018 Tulane Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year”
2018  Winner in Non-Broadcast: Documentary: Individual – “Patrick P. Comer, Tulane Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year”


People's Telly Award

2013 “Jay Altman, FirstLine Schools”
2017 “Domain Companies: Community Builders, 2016 Distinguished Entrepreneurs of the Year”



MCA-I Golden Reel Awards
The MCA-I Media Festival celebrates excellence in media communications. Golden Reel honors have been highly coveted and recognized internationally for their prestige. The name stands for creativity and advancement in technical applications. 

2003  Finalist "Freeman Venture Capital PSA"
2012 MCA-I Silver Reel Award – “2012 Business Plan Competition Finalists”
2012 MCA-I Bronze Reel Award – “Jay Altman of FirstLine Schools”
2013 MCA-I Silver Reel Award – “2013 Business Plan Competition & Domain Companies Challenge”
2013 MCA-I Bronze Reel Award – “John Elstrott, Entrepreneur of the Year”
2015 MCA-I Silver Reel Award – “John Besh 2015 Social Entrepreneur of the Year”
2015 MCA-I Silver Reel Award – “ Jimmy Maurin, 2015 Distinguished of the Year”



Equipment Policies and Procedures

Media Services operates on a first-come, first-served basis; there are no exceptions to this policy.

Media Services maintains a variety of audio/visual equipment for use by students in the completion of class assignments. Equipment is available to Freeman students who comply with these guidelines.

Media services functions through the scheduling of student A/V technicians and therefore relies on advanced planning for the scheduling of services. To facilitate this scheduling, always try to reserve equipment at least seven days in advance. Weekend Reservations must be made not later than Monday afternoon. Reservations submitted less than 24 hours in advance will not be honored. In order to reserve equipment you must complete a Media Services Request Form. The form is linked above.  All class requests must include the course number AND SECTION (e.g., ACCN 1234-01).  Other requests must first obtain a space reservation before requesting equipment.  All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. The event requestor or instructor will receive a confirmation email once the equipment form is processed.

All audio/visual equipment is property of Media Services and should not be taken out of the A. B. Freeman School of Business.

Remember, lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on the part of Media Services.


Audio/Visual Equipment Multimedia Classrooms

All classrooms in GWBC are equipped with ceiling mounted projectors and/or flat panel video screens and Dell Workstation computer with a wireless keyboard and PowerPoint navigator available.. All computers have access to the building network and the Internet. If you need access to software not available on the network, please consult with Wayne Dolese in the Management Technology Center to ensure that software you may require for your presentation is on the computer. Rooms also include a lavaliere microphone and assistive listening equipment if needed.

Equipment is controlled through a Graphical User Interface touch panel e.

Each room is also equipped with a Document Camera,  Blu-ray  player and ROKU box for display of Cable Television..

In addition, your laptop computer can connect using a cable.  In some classrooms, wireless connection is available. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of equipment in classrooms requires prior room reservation in the 25Live room scheduling system.  Requests for equipment without a reservation cannot be processed.


Mobile Equipment

Several items are available on an “as needed” basis and will be brought to rooms when properly requested. Mobile equipment available through Media Services includes:

  • A Bloomberg Terminal
  • A TurningPoint audiences response kit
  • A Conference telephone set.


Classroom Video Recording Services

Cameras are available to videotape professor and student classroom presentations. If the lecturer is a guest, please obtain a talent release form from Media Services and have it signed by the speaker. The purpose of classroom taping is to provide a historical record of a speaker or presentation. It is NOT an excuse to skip class. All requests for classroom taping must be submitted by the instructor and approved by the director. Only A/V Technicians are allowed to operate the equipment.

Recordings are published to the university’s course management system, Canvas, via ShareStream.  Some rooms are equipped with lecture capture recorders (MediaSite) that also publish to Canvas.  Some recordings can be recorded to DVDs on a case by case basis.


Studio Video Recording Services

Professors sometimes require a recorded presentation as part of your final grade. Coordinate with your professor and Media Services to schedule a shoot time. Only those people directly involved in the presentation will be allowed in the studio. Since these presentations are graded and hold a direct bearing on your final course performance, scheduling the shoot at least seven days in advance is advised.


Lectern and Flip Charts

Most classrooms have full size lecterns. Easels, and flip-chart stands and pads are also available. Since the quantity of these items is limited, you should make your requests well in advance to avoid possible scheduling conflicts.


TargetVision Messaging System

Media Service operates a number of video bulletin boards throughout the Freeman School. Known as TargetVision, students may use these monitors to post messages for the benefit of the school's students, faculty, and staff.

To post a message, a message request form must be completed. Media Services reserves the right to make changes to any message in order to meet formatting requirements. These changes will be made without notice by a member of the Media Services staff. A "Kill

Date" or a date when the message should stop running is required. If no "Kill Date" is indicated on the Video Message Request Form, the message will run for no more than 30 days.

Emergency messages can be put on the TargetVision system. The nature of an emergency message shall be made at the sole discretion of the Director of Media Services.


Special Projects

Media Services is available to assist you with special media projects. Due to limited resources only a limited number of projects can be accepted per year. Media Services can offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Converting text to script and story boarding.
  • Contracting for commercial video production.
  • Taping, technical direction, voiceovers, etc. for special events.
  • Contracting for special graphic production.
  • Contracting for and assistance with editing.


Charge Policies

Media Services provides audio/visual equipment free of charge to faculty, staff and students of the A. B. Freeman School of Business provided the use is germane to the business school. If equipment or services must be rented from an external source, those costs will be passed on to the department conducting the event.

Videotape/DVD Dubbing/Copyright

All video intended for classroom use should be in electronic format (.MP4 is preferred). If you wish to dub a copyrighted tape to DVD or to a file for classroom use, your request will be met provided the original is left in the media services archives or the copyright holder has issued a written waiver allowing the copying of the tape.

Media Services cannot make copies of copyrighted material without written consent of the copyright holder. REMEMBER: It is unethical and a violation of federal law to steal another's work through copyright infringement.



Media Services is capable of simple editing. This service can be used to compile many sources of material onto DVD or another electronic form. Editing can be a time-consuming process, so please allow 10 working days.

Video Conferencing

Skype for Business Video Conferencing is available from Media Services. Zoom  Video Conferencing is also available in the conference rooms.  There are a limited number of devices capable of this function so advanced reservations are required.