MBA Curriculum & Courses

The Tulane MBA degree is a two-year, four-semester program that includes:

  • 24 credits of Knowledge Core - classes that teach business fundamentals including finance, management, operations, accounting, statistics, and marketing
  • 7 credits of Global Leadership - module that offers on-site international learning and hands-on business experience
  • 30 credits of electives - courses that enable students to develop their specific career interests

Year One

FIRST SEMESTER (15 credit hours)

SECOND SEMESTER (17 credit hours)


Internships encouraged


Year Two

THIRD SEMESTER (14 credit hours)

  • Latin America - Global Leadership II (2 credit hours)
  • Electives (12 credit hours)

FOURTH SEMESTER (15 credit hours)

  • Asia - Global Leadership III (3 credit hours)
  • Electives (12 credit hours)