Joint and Dual Degree Options

Joint and Dual Degree MBA Program Overview

Whether you are interested in law, medicine, real estate or the sciences, earning an MBA simultaneously with another graduate degree lets you differentiate yourself from others in a competitive marketplace. With a dual degree in business and another field, you will also have more career opportunities, in addition to the chance to fast track your career as a leader.

Dual Degree MBA Options

We offer several dual degree options for graduate students:

Joint Degree MBA Program Length

The length of your joint degree program depends on which path you choose:

  • MBA/JD: Four years
  • MBA/MD: Five years
  • MBA/MSRED: Two years
  • MBA/MHA Three years:
  • MBA/BA or BS: Five years

Earn a specialized dual degree.

Graduate students can earn a specialized graduate degree as a second degree in less time than it would take to complete them independently, such as an MBA with a Master of Management in Energy. Discuss your interest with your admissions counselor.

Jobs With a Joint and Dual Degree MBA

Employers know that earning a dual graduate degree simultaneously takes exceptional levels of commitment and hard work, and your dual degree will give you an advantage when entering the job market.

Holding an MBA along with a degree from another graduate program can set you up for leadership or consulting roles in your field. For example, if you earn the joint MD/MBA degree you could work as a manager or leader in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, or even start your own company.

Dual and Joint Degree MBA Program Highlights

In addition to offering dual graduate degree options alongside other graduate programs, we also offer several paths for graduate students to earn two graduate business degrees simultaneously on an accelerated schedule at a reduced cost. In all cases, credit for select courses will count toward the requirements for both degrees. 

Save time with a joint degree MBA.

When you join one of our dual degree graduate programs, you can earn two degrees in less time than pursuing the graduate degrees separately — saving you valuable time and money and letting you begin your career earlier.

Learn from expert faculty.

Whichever dual graduate degree you choose, you’ll get many chances to work closely with our highly respected Business School faculty, as well as the experienced faculty in your second chosen graduate program.

An emphasis on ESG

From medicine and law to real estate and science, every industry and field is impacted by environmental, social and governmental issues. Through our joint degree MBA programs, you’ll gain ESG knowledge that will help you become an adaptable leader.

Joint and Dual Degree MBA Curriculum

When you join one of our dual graduate degree programs, you’ll take business classes alongside courses in your second graduate program — letting you see how business decisions are intertwined with your specific interests.

For example, you could learn what it takes to manage a successful and efficient clinic or hospital. You could understand how the world of real estate relates to social and economic sustainability.  Or you could gain the nuanced skills and knowledge to become a respected business lawyer. Whatever dual degree MBA path you choose, your graduate program curriculum will prepare you to excel in your field.  

MBA Options for Professionals

If you’re a practicing doctor, our MBA  graduate programs offer flexible options with weekend and evening classes so you can build a course of study around your professional schedule.

Real-world Experience

A key feature of our joint degree MBA programs is a focus on hands-on training — in the field, the lab, the courtroom or in the community. By the time you graduate with your dual graduate degree, you’ll have built an impressive resume.

Directed Research

One of the most exciting parts of any graduate program is researching and implementing solutions to real-world problems. In several of our dual degree MBA programs, you can work with professional partners and faculty to discover cutting-edge solutions.


Graduate students must receive admission to both schools as well as obtain approval from the Dual Degree Program Committee to pursue these graduate programs. 

Admission Requirements

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Real-World Outcomes

With many using their degree to pivot into new careers, 93% of the Freeman Full-Time MBA class of 2023 accepted job offers by three months post-graduation. Read the entire Full-Time MBA Employment Report to learn more.

MBA Employment Report

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