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Undergraduate Student Organizations

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)

Alpha Kappa Psi, the world's oldest and largest professional business fraternity, seeks to develop well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful, and experienced business leaders. Open to men and women majoring in business, AKPsi provides a unique blend of professional, service, and social events.


Executive Committee:

  • President: Trevor Kern
  • Executive Vice President: Emma Hass
  • Vice Presidents of Membership: Sophia Mariani & Kelsey Stevenson
  • Vice President of Finance: Tess Hannum
  • Vice President of External Relations: Matt Saletta
  • Master of Rituals: Tyler Welch
  • Vice President of Administration (formerly known as Secretary): Helen Robins

Officer Board:

  • Risk Management Chair: Iris Hunt
  • Professional Chair: Hayes Barton
  • Warden: Jessica Galloway
  • Pledge Instruction: Valerie Mamaril & Aayush Mahableshwarkar
  • Community Service Chair: Kate Rose
  • Brotherhood Chairs: Evan Doomes & James Bobek
  • Fundraising Chair: Margo Schnapf
  • Alumni Chair: Dylan Matthews
  • Corporate Sponsorship Chair: Lexi Schwartz
  • Historian: Ann Gaddis
  • Social Chairs: Emily Baldridge & Hallie Moore
  • Public Relations Chair: Erin Kelly
  • Parliamentarian: Olivia Johnson
  • Bylaws Chair: Adam Morris
  • Chaplain: Mike Stoddard
  • Personnel Chairs: Graham Silverman & Nicolette Levy
  • Entrepreneurship Chair: John Alexander
  • OUE Staff Advisor: Michelle Falgoust

American Marketing Association (AMA)

Open to all students, Tulane's collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association presents members with the opportunity to learn from real-world marketing professionals. Members attend monthly meetings featuring exciting guest speakers, participate in fun hands-on marketing activities, and learn how to network with top-level marketing executives. The AMA offers a great supplement to Tulane's classroom experience and provides its members with the competitive advantage necessary to succeed in today's marketing field.


Beta Alpha Psi

This honorary national accounting fraternity seeks to promote continuous self-improvement, to foster high moral and ethical standards, to encourage and recognize scholastic and professional excellence, to cultivate a sense of responsibility and service, to promote the collegiate study of accounting, and to provide an opportunity for association between members and practicing accountants. Membership, by invitation only, is based on scholarship and professional attributes.


Beta Gamma Sigma

The purpose of this honorary business scholastic fraternity is to reward scholarship and accomplishment in all phases of business, to promote the advancement of education in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practices. High scholarship and promise of marked ability are the prime requisites for membership nominations. Induction ceremonies are held during the fall and spring semesters.


BSM Major Ambassadors

Are you having a hard time deciding on a major within the business school? Contact a BSM Major Ambassador to find out about the different majors and courses from the student perspective. The BSM Major Ambassadors are a group of students compiled of rising Juniors or Seniors who have excelled exceptionally throughout their BSM core curriculum. 

Click here for the full list of ambassadors.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity that recolonized at Tulane in the fall of 2014, is an organization for students pursuing careers in business, with membership open exclusively to business and economics majors. It aims to provide networking opportunities, leadership development and fraternal values with other business students.


  • President: Tony Tabernacki
  • Senior Vice President: Jackson Rothbart
  • Vice President of Finance: Thomas Morberg
  • Vice President of Pledge Education: James Roussel
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Emma Abramson
  • Vice President of Chapter Operations: Jenna Newman
  • Vice President of Scholarship and Awards: Ben Rosenblatt
  • Vice President of Community Service: Liza Smith
  • Vice President of Professional Activities: Sloan Cimmet
  • Vice President of Alumni Relations: Tommy Zoccola
  • Chancellor: Max Levy
  • Fundraising Chair: Michael Saliba
  • Social Chair: Colleen Kincaid
  • Faculty Advisor: Mark Melasky
  • OUE Staff Advisor: Michelle Falgoust

Freeman Student Government (FSG)

The FSG is the formal organization of students enrolled in the BSM program. All BSM students are automatically members of FSG. The FSG influences many of the curricular and extracurricular activities of the School. Students play a role in modifying the curriculum, in evaluating courses, in hearings of academic integrity, in planning academically related activities, in selecting faculty for special honors, and in organizing a schedule of social events. BSM students are encouraged to take a leadership role in FSG and to support the activities sponsored by FSG.


  • President: Max Meyer
  • Vice President: Cole Sonshein
  • VP of Finance: Scott Ansell
  • VP of Operations: Carlie Nocerino
  • Senior Rep: Zachary Goldner, Raimy Klestadt, Charlie Thesing
  • Junior Rep: Sarah Tatarski, Louis Long, Jack Lemke, Marcus Maldonado
  • Sophomore Rep: Kaitlyn Cooney, Alexandra Duffy, Nicholas Goldman, Will Kerwin
  • Freshmen Rep: Rayna Recht, Noah Sekowski, Samantha Gehn, Nathalie Tucker, and Kendel Saigol
  • USG Senators: Olivia Johnson, Asher Cohen, Chandler Johnson, Erin Kelly, Rachel Bogin, Justin Dalley, Presley Klinger, Isabelle Cunis, Adolfo Garcia, Primo Arquilla, Caroline Perlis, Ryan Turkin
  • Faculty Advisor: Michael H. Hogg
  • OUE Staff Advisor: Michelle Falgoust

Green Bull Investment Group

The Green Bull Investment Group is a student-run organization at Tulane that meets weekly to discuss markets, deals and other trends on Wall Street. Our mission is to provide the supplemental teaching and mentoring that aids Tulane students in landing internships across the Street, outside of the business school curriculum. Green Bull focuses on teaching students the soft skills necessary to maintain relationships with current working professionals, as well as excel in the technical skills that will help secure their desired internships and jobs in financial services.

The club is run by Tulane juniors and seniors that have secured or completed internships in investment banking, equity research and sales & trading. Please email ojohnson1@tulane.edu to learn how to get involved19

2019 Executive Board:

  • President: Olivia Johnson
  • VP of Undergrad: Evan Murphy
  • VP of Recruiting: Jamie Friedman
  • VP of Markets: Matthew Warsaw
  • Secretary: Lexi Schwartz

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta is Tulane's premier co-ed pre-law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion, and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community. PAD is the largest law fraternity in the world and has an international reputation. We focus on cultivating professional development and a strong brotherhood through a variety of activities such as law school preparation seminars and a variety of career panels to further our brothers' knowledge.  Faculty advisor: Sanda Groome, sgroome@tulane.edu

Executive Board 2018-2019:

President: Bronte Foley
Vice President: Justin Reid
Secretary: Rachel Li
Treasurers: Ashley Antony and Nicole Roca

Officer Board 2018-2019:

Professional Chair: Simran Rajani
Academic Chair: Samantha Shafia
Social Chairs: Eva Finley, Marie Dewitt, Skye Summers
Membership Chairs: Celina Sokol, Sharmila Mysore
Community Service Chairs: Julianna Pasquarello, Julia Ferro, Maya Fromm

StartUp Tulane

Startup Tulane is a community of students interested in practicing entrepreneurship, innovation, and design-thinking. We apply our knowledge, skills, and perspectives from interdisciplinary backgrounds towards developing action-based solutions for student-venture opportunities. By providing a network for these students, we are creating a platform for finding partners to collaborate on your ideas.

President-Ryan Baker
VP-Christopher Fox
Treasurer-Drew Balbera