Undergraduate Certificates Program

Earning a certificate demonstrates to employers that you have the interest and knowledge to pursue a career in that field.

To earn a certificate, students complete a sequence of courses specifically designed to leverage the explicit industry knowledge. Our faculty take a holistic approach to provide students with rich, industry-related context and ample experiential learning opportunities. This approach encourages students to integrate their previously gained skillsets to devise solutions to multi-disciplinary, real-world business problems within their chosen industry. Signature experiential learning courses provide the hands-on experience to make students ready for their careers.

Energy Certificate

The Energy certificate gives students extensive industry knowledge and skills with one-of-a-kind experiential learning opportunities. Students must complete four courses:

  • a foundational course in economics and policy
  • a course in financial modeling or trading
  • two additional classes from an approved list on topics including banking, finance, policy, portfolio management and trading

Energy Certificate Overview and Requirements

Overview video about the Energy certificate program.

Hospitality Certificate

Made possible by the Greenbaum Family Program in Hospitality, this certificate program trains a new generation of professionals through the analysis of real-world hospitality case studies and engaging interactions with seasoned professionals. Students will gain a unique blend of management and employment law teachings while learning how to design, build, and lead successful hospitality enterprises centered on extraordinary guest experiences.

Hospitality Certificate Overview and Requirements

Overview video about the Hospitality certificate program.

Real Estate Finance Certificate

Made possible by the Fogelman Family Real Estate Program, the certificate in Real Estate Finance and Investment is an applied program that fosters analytical creativity, skill building and adept financial decision-making for a new generation of real estate investment professionals.

Real Estate Finance Certificate Overview and Requirements

Overview video about the Real Estate certificate program.

Sports Management Certificate

Dive into Sports Management with our certificate program, equipping future professionals with critical financial, managerial, marketing, analytical and legal skills for success in today’s sports industry. Gain a multidisciplinary perspective on sports franchises as complex businesses, mirroring traditional corporate challenges and partner with local sports organizations for real-world insights into this dynamic field.

Sports Management Certificate Overview and Requirements

Overview video about the Sports Management certificate program.

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