Only at Freeman

Innovative Courses

Our students collaborate with world-class leaders and researchers while experiencing the freedom to find your niche, working with companies, making an impact in the community and building a robust network. 

Burkenroad Reports

Take on the role of a sell-side equity research analyst, producing an in-depth, unbiased investment research report.

Darwin Fenner Fund

Actively manage more than $5.8 million of Tulane’s actual endowment.

Alternative Investments

Gain in-depth knowledge of distressed debt and hedge funds in the Selber Courses.


Centers and Institutes

Our centers and institutes provide students access to a wealth of resources and connections, including industry leaders, entrepreneurs and mentors.

Goldring Institute

Connect with the world through degree programs, international partnerships and innovative curricula.


Lepage Center

Create, collaborate and innovate with established and aspiring entrepreneurs across campus and throughout the region.

Tulane Energy Institute

Gain expertise in one of the world's most dynamic fields to propel you to a top position.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Our programs focus on the intersections of disciplines – where innovation is taking place. 

Business Analytics

Gain a competitive edge by interpreting big data in order to make informed business decisions.

Entrepreneurial Hospitality

Advance in one of the world’s fastest growing industries in a city renowned for leadership, creativity and innovation.

Real Estate

Develop comprehensive knowledge to enter the field of development, finance, analytics, management or consulting