Goldring Institute of International Business

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The Goldring Institute of International Business houses Freeman's research and academic programs related to international business. Since its founding in 1991, Goldring has served the school's mission to have "a strong emphasis on the global issues facing modern business." The specific objectives of the Goldring Institute have evolved to be twofold:

  • to provide Freeman students the opportunity to learn about the cultural and business challenges and opportunities of the development of the global economy in which they will live and work
  • to be a leader in management education in the developing regions of the world by establishing academic institutions in these regions and exporting educational management degree programs

Along with our international partners in Latin America and Asia-Pacific, we offer the Master of Management in Energy, Master of Finance, Master of Management, Master of Global Management, an MD/MBA double degree, and International Executive MBA degree programs.

For students at the Freeman School, international travel is required for students in the MBA and Master of Management program, and students in the PMBA program have the option to participate. Freeman is the only school that integrates three international trips – to Europe, Asia and South America – in the MBA curriculum through the Global Leadership Module. Students in the Master of Management program complete a global consulting project, which includes a trip abroad. EMBA students participate in International Week, when they work with Freeman students from around the world.

Students enrolled in MBA programs at the Alliance Schools have the option to enhance their knowledge of international business by adding courses to complete the Master of Global Management (thus earning a “Global MBA,” or MBA/MGM double degree) or the Alliance Certificate in Global Management.


The Alliance Schools

Baltic Management Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania

IESA, Caracas, Venezuela

ITAM, Mexico City, Mexico

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia