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Take Your Skills Global

The Goldring Institute of International Business was founded in 1991 to house the research and academic programs of the A.B. Freeman School of Business which were related to international business. Its role is derived from the schools mission to have "a strong emphasis on the global issues facing modern business." The specific objectives of the Goldring Institute have evolved to be twofold:

  • provide the Freeman School of Business students the opportunity to learn about the cultural and business challenges and opportunities of the development of the global economy in which they will live and work, and;
  • to be a leader in management education in the developing regions of the world through the establishment of academic institutions in these regions and the export of management educational programs.

The programs offered for the Freeman School of Business students include: semester study abroad, summer abroad courses, student exchanges, the Global MBA (Master of Global Management Dual Degree Option), the MBA Global Leadership Module, and a proposed undergraduate major and minor in international business. Our MBA, EMBA, and MGM programs all require travel and classes abroad.

The programs supporting our leadership role in the developing regions include: the faculty development PhD program for Latin American faculty, the Master of Management, Master of Global Management, and International EMBA degree programs with selected schools in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


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