Program Overview

Program Description:

Our PhD program is a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and financial accounting.

Program Goal:

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for a career as a finance or financial accounting faculty member at peer and aspirant schools. A Freeman School doctorate will prepare you to conduct influential empirical research in the areas of finance and financial accounting.

Unique Features of the Program:

Our doctoral program has the following features:

  • Niche in Our Area of Excellence: The program is focused on training you to publish research and to teach in the areas of corporate finance, investments, and financial accounting. This is an area of research strength for our faculty.
  • Focus on Empirical Research: The finance, financial accounting, and economics faculty have a research strength in empirical research. The classes you will take are designed to build on this strength.
  • Competitive Student Support: You will receive very competitive financial support which is designed to attract high quality students and to enhance your success.
  • Teaching Experience: You will teach classes independently as part of the program. This provides the opportunity to show teaching effectiveness to potential employers and will facilitate an easier transition for you to a faculty job.