I lived in Paris for my fall semester abroad, and it was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to what might be possible to me outside of the U.S. and grew my interest in traveling and doing business internationally.
Elizabeth Pavlik (BSM '07)

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Globally Local
At the Freeman School, international business isn’t a new concept. With our home in New Orleans, a hub of international trade and a global destination for business, we've always had a cosmopolitan perspective. In both our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, we prepare current and future business leaders to compete in the global marketplace, with an awareness of the world around them.

While living and learning in this one-of-a-kind environment, you’ll gain the real-world experience to confront the challenges of international business. You’ll start thinking outside of your local community to become a global citizen.

Your portal to global business is the Freeman School’s Goldring Institute of International Business, which develops and coordinates innovative programs that equip students to thrive in the globally interconnected world of business. What we do locally creates ripples throughout the world. At the Freeman School, we cultivate your potential to make an impact as a pioneer in the global business community

  • Through affiliations with international partner institutions, you can pursue study abroad opportunities in more than 20 countries, from Australia to Taiwan.
  • Freeman is the only business school in the nation to offer program-based travel to Latin America, Europe and Asia as part of the MBA curriculum.
  • One-of-a-kind programs like the Global MBA enable students to broaden their international experience and build global leadership and teambuilding skills.
  • Freeman delivers degree-granting programs in over a dozen countries, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, India and Mexico.