“This is a close knit community. I still go back as an alum to visit with current students.”
Susan Barrera (MBA '95)

No More Waiting for Opportunity to Knock

Influentail Network
In the Freeman School, there’s no such thing as going it alone. Our students have a powerful network of mentors, advocates and professionals standing behind them in everything they do.

Graduation is just the beginning — the connections you make during your Freeman experience will become valuable resources throughout your career. They have global influence that spans industries, functions and organizations. Whether you want to make it to the C-suite or open your own business, the Freeman network will help you get there

You won’t have to go chasing after your career as a Freeman grad. Within our network are people who can open doors to your dream opportunity

Freeman’s Network by the Numbers

  • Over 2,900 current students
  • Over 21,000 alumni