Mission and Core Values


We inspire, engage, and enable students, organizations, and our global business community to contribute to human achievement and prosperity by creating and disseminating high-impact business knowledge and by leveraging the experiences that New Orleans and Tulane provide.


Core Values

  • Integrity: We commit to guide all actions by strong ethical and moral standards that are consistent with the core values of the institution.
  • Excellence: We commit to strive for excellence and superior performance in all that we do.
  • Innovation: We commit to empower our stakeholders to develop and implement novel and useful ideas and solutions that address challenges facing individuals, the Freeman School, business, and society.
  • Engagement: We commit to actively seek, create, and strengthen connections within the Tulane community and communities at the local, regional, national, and global levels.
  • Collegiality: We commit to treat each other with respect, to earn each other's trust, and to support each other as we use our knowledge and abilities to contribute to all of our communities.


We will gauge our success in achieving our mission through indicators that relate to the following benchmarks:

  • Our ability to create and leverage, in mutually beneficial ways, a broad range of relationships with organizations in New Orleans, across the Gulf South, and in world regions that are of greatest strategic import to the Freeman School.
  • The Freeman School’s demonstrable contributions to human achievement and prosperity, such as organizational leadership by our alumni, thought leadership by our faculty, and intellectual innovation by the school as a whole through leading-edge academic programs and partnerships.
  • The reach and impact of business knowledge produced by our faculty and students, primarily through insightful scholarship in leading journals, and also through our direct engagement with industry in New Orleans and beyond.
  • The competitive advantages built on the experiences that New Orleans and Tulane provide, such as the extent to which our links with key industries benefit our students and strengthen our research.
  • The degree to which our stakeholders build and enhance the Freeman School through their commitment to our core values.
  • The extent to which we are effective stewards of our resources.