Freeman School Strategic Plan 2022-27

A Path for Our Future

In the last 10 years, the global business environment has changed dramatically. Technology, in the form of data science, robotics and artificial intelligence, has led to an explosion of smart automation, eliminating millions of jobs but also creating new ones with new skill sets. Climate change is propelling innovation across industries but especially in energy, where the transition to renewables is rapidly reshaping the business landscape. Geopolitical instability, in the form of international conflicts and trade wars, is another driver of change as organizations grapple with its economic and societal impacts. Lastly, the growing call for social justice is prompting fundamental changes in how organizations approach and manage fairness and equity.

It was against this backdrop of rapid economic and societal change that the Freeman School initiated a new strategic planning process, one that sought to answer a primary question: Given these driving forces rapidly reshaping the world, what must business education do to ensure that leaders have the knowledge, skills and experience to face the growing challenges?

The work of seven task forces and the strategic planning work group culminated in 36 action items designed to position Freeman as a business school of the future, providing the next generation of business leaders with the knowledge, skills and experience to manage the challenges of our time in the face of rapid change. The plan addresses five broad areas:

  • Academics. Evaluating undergraduate and graduate programs and introducing new programs to address the changing needs of business.
  • Innovation. Investing in our centers and institutes to leverage our strengths, and founding a new Center for Experiential Learning.
  • Knowledge Advancement. Growing our faculty and supporting their research, establishing Freeman's reputation as a center of research excellence.
  • Connections. Building bonds with alumni, corporations and the community to enrich experiential learning and expand opportunities for internships and employment.
  • Organizational Excellence. Investing in our faculty and staff to create a strong, healthy, supportive workplace that allows all members of the community to thrive.

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Watch to learn more about Paulo Goes and his plans for the Business School.

Learn More about Strategic Plan Initiatives

Click on the stories below to read about our progress toward the initiatives identified in the strategic plan, or visit Freeman News for the latest on all our strategic plan activities.

New course highlights emerging field of climate finance

photo of Nishad Kapadia, Associate Professor of Finance, who developed the new course Climate Change, ESG and Financial Markets

Climate Change, ESG and Financial Markets, a new course developed by Associate Professor of Finance Nishad Kapadia, examines the impact of climate change risk on the economy and explores methods of quantifying and measuring climate exposures.

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Freeman launches first online MBA program

To meet the growing demand for online graduate business education, Tulane University’s A. B. Freeman School of Business announces the launch of its first fully online Master of Business Administration program.

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New Full-Time MBA Curriculum

lecturer in classroom speaking to room full of students

To prepare future leaders to take on the complex challenges of today’s rapidly changing business environment, Tulane University’s A. B. Freeman School of Business has announced a new full-time MBA curriculum to begin in fall 2023.

Read about the new MBA curriculum.

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