About Burkenroad Reports - Freeman School | Tulane

About the Course

●    The class meets each Tuesday night from 5:20 – 6:15 p.m. in room 170 in the GWBC.

●    Students are assigned to follow and write a research report on one of 40 small-cap stocks headquartered in LA, TX, MS, AL, GA, and FL. 

●    These teams meet with top management, visit company sites, develop financial models and publish investment research reports on the companies they follow. 

●    In addition to conversations with management, students seek outside sources of information including contact with trade associations, competitors, suppliers, customers, and Wall Street analysts

●    Early in the semester students participate in a two-day weekend analyst workshop to gain the background needed to succeed in the course.  Additionally, Professor Ricchiuti and an outside Wall Street group address opportunities and strategies in the investment field.  

●    The course culminates with our Annual Investment Conference.  This is always held on the 1st Friday of Jazzfest in a downtown hotel.  This event features presentations from the management of the companies we work with.  Printed copies of the student’s reports are available (as well as on our website.