About the Course

In the Burkenroad Reports, students get true career preparation as they experience first-hand what it's like to work as an equity analyst. Students are assigned to teams which research one of 40 small-cap stocks headquartered in the Gulf South, then write an in-depth report about the stock. The course is taught by Senior Professor of Practice Peter Ricchiuti, an award-winning professor and industry expert.

Founded in 1993, the course is the nation’s first student stock research program. It has received national accolades and press coverage as an innovative opportunity for hands-on learning.

Early in the semester, students participate in a two-day weekend analyst workshop to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the course. Additionally, Professor Ricchiuti and an outside Wall Street group address opportunities and strategies in the investment field.  

Over the course of the semester, student teams meet with top management, visit companies on site, and develop financial models, culminating in a thorough investment research report on the companies they follow. The reports are published on the Freeman School's web site and available in print at the annual Burkenroad Investment Conference.

In addition to conversations with management, students seek outside sources of information including working with trade associations, competitors, suppliers, customers and Wall Street analysts. They learn to use industry-standard tools such as Bloomberg Terminal to access real-time data, news and analytics. 

The course culminates with the Annual Investment Conference, held on the first Friday of Jazz Fest in a downtown hotel.  The conference attracts investors from across the country and features presentations from the management of the companies students cover. 

Many alumni credit the course with helping them land a job and giving them the skills to contribute to their employer from day one on the job.

Students must apply in order to enroll in the course, which is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. The class meets each Tuesday night from 5:20 – 6:15 p.m. in room 170 in the GWBC.

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