The Burkenroad Family

Aaron & Peggy Selber
The late Aaron Selber (BBA ’50) was the program’s best friend and benefactor. A native of Shreveport, he was a family man, investor, business legend, civic leader, philanthropist, and graduate of the Tulane Business School (and a darn good 1st baseman!) When Aaron first came to us in 1998 we were a small non-credit course with a handful of students producing research on just the public companies we could reach on the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar. The generosity of Aaron and his late wife Peggy Burkenroad Selber (NC ’53) allowed us to become what we are.
Dewey Corley
Dewey Corley was the partner of Aaron Selber for more than 15 years. He has been a terrific mentor to the program. Dewey has over 45 years of executive and investment experience in the energy sector, private equity and alternative investments. He earned a BS from Louisiana Tech and a JD from the Tulane University Law School.
W. B. Burkenroad, Jr.
(left) W.B. Burkenroad Jr., late 1930's (right) W.B. Burkenroad Jr., late 1940's
Evelyn Levy Burkenroad
(left) Evelyn Levy Burkenroad, late 1930s (right) Evelyn Levy Burkenroad, late 1940's
W. B. Burkenroad, Sr.
W.B. Burkenroad, Sr.(1872-1958)