Tulane Energy Institute - Trading Curriculum | A. B. Freeman School of Business

Trading Curriculum

The Trading Center

The A. B. Freeman Trading Center is a $3 million dollar facility that serves as a hands-on laboratory for energy, analytics, modeling, portfolio management, trading, risk management, and derivatives courses. The Center replicates a real-world trading experience featuring industry-leading technology including current simulation, trading and financial software and data bases from Trading Technologies, Thompson Reuters, MorningStar, MatLab, and 1Derrick.





  • 50 Workstations equipped with Intel Xeon processors and 16GB of RAM connected to dual 19" flat-screen monitors.
  • Real-time data feeds
  • Live ticker scroll panel provides continuous market updates.

Unique, Highly Experiential Courses Offered In the Trading Center

Unique, highly experiential courses offered in the Trading Center include:

  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Fundamentals and Trading
  • Advanced Energy Trading and Finance
  • Energy Trading: Wholesale Electric Markets

Corporate Partners and Sponsors

  • Entergy Corporation
  • Phillips 66
  • Quanta Services
  • Southern Gas Company
  • Upstream Exploration
  • Thomson Reuters
  • MorningStar
  • Trading Technologies
  • MathWorks
  • 1 Derrick