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Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to learn on a global scale. Expand your knowledge and broaden your understanding of the world through one of Freeman Abroad's unique programs and partnerships with renowned educational institutions around the world.

Explore the resources we've outlined as being the greatest benefit to our prospective students below. Refer to our Quick Links for a list of study abroad resources.

Why Study Abroad?

Freeman Abroad programs enable students to live and learn in another culture. In these immersive settings, students develop international management skills by focusing on cultural understanding and global strategies that create competitive advantages in international business. Summer program courses are taught in English by international faculty.  Students typically live and study among domestic and exchange students at the host institutions. 

Through our international programs, students will learn to reflect critically on the world and on themselves, and as a result will gain the skills to:

  • become more mature and self-reliant
  • become more mindful of their cultural identities
  • identify specific attitudes and skills that are necessary to navigate cross-cultural situations
  • become more willing to take risks and think creatively
  • acquire important business and interpersonal skills that will help future academic and career aspirations
  • develop a greater appreciation and respect for cultures and societies unlike their own
  • feel new levels of empowerment/leadership in pursuing future goals
  • develop new ways of seeing themselves, their home country, and the rest of the world

Make an Appointment

Students can book appointments to meet with any of our study abroad advisors by visiting our Make An Appointment web page, or from the green button on the Snapshot Tab of any Freeman Study Abroad Brochure.

Snapshot Page on any Freeman Abroad Brochure

Select a Program

Study Abroad & Exchange staff members are available for student advising appointments in order to assist students through the process of requesting placement in the right programs for them. Factors that students should weigh include academics, personal goals, professional goals, language(s) of instruction, level of immersion, host university environment and support services, rankings and academic rigor, safety and security, housing preferences, financial considerations, academic calendars and program reviews. Freeman students can make appointments and find information on eligibility, deadline dates, program dates and more online via the program search page of this web site. This site also serves as a secure portal for Freeman students to apply for the semester in which they choose to study abroad. Click "Apply Now" to get started.  

An important part of each student's application is the Host University Request List. This is where the applicant must list their top 5 (minimum of 3) preferences for a host institution. Because Freeman's programs are all based upon exchange partnerships that are dependent upon numbers of students sent from each partner, the number of spots available at each partner can vary widely. For this reason, Freeman Abroad can never guarantee placement at any host institution for any student until the placement process is complete. Click on "Eligibility & Application" above for more information on the placement process and criteria. 

Summer Study Abroad

Program Format

Freeman maintains bilateral partnerships with universities and business schools around the world. Of those peer institutions, select partners offer short-term summer programs that are open to Freeman students. These programs are administered by each partner institution. Freeman students pay a program fee to Tulane that includes (or does not include) items unique to each program (please see the "Costs" tab for each program), and then enroll directly in the host institution summer program. The program offerings, formats, and schedules vary widely. Please see each individual program brochure for specific program attributes by accessing our program search page and entering "Summer" in the Term search field. 

Freeman Abroad programs enable students to live and learn in another culture. In these immersive settings, students develop international management skills by focusing on cultural understanding and global strategies that create competitive advantages in international business. Summer program courses are taught in English by international faculty.  Students typically live and study among domestic and exchange students at the host institutions. 

Program Placement

Placement of Freeman students on our summer programs is a rolling admission basis and is typically offered to students shortly after application completion and review. Eligible students are therefore encouraged to complete the summer applications as soon as they have decided which program is best for them. Individual program application deadlines as set by the host institutions can vary widely and therefore the application timeline is different from the semester programs. 

Study Abroad Returnee Opportunities

Global Guides

Global Guides is a leadership organization of students who have studied abroad, international students, and students passionate about making Freeman an internationally-minded community.

Our mission is to create a vibrant, globally-aware community in the A.B. Freeman School of Business by sharing our experiences, making meaningful connections, and partnering with the Study Abroad & Exchange Office to promote our mission.

Who can be a Global Guide?

If you are studying business at Tulane and are interested in international education, we invite you to apply! Our members and alumni include students who have or are currently studying abroad, students on exchange at Tulane (semester, year, double-degree), and students who just want to meet international students, network, and develop programs to promote our mission.

Buddy Program

The Global Guides founded Krewe du Monde in the Fall of 2020 with 21 participants. In the Fall of 2021, the program grew to include 123 participants, including exchange students from Spain, Brazil, France, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Austria, and the Netherlands. Monthly activities are provided to Krewe du Monde by the Freeman Study Abroad & Exchange Office. In past semesters, participants in Krewe du Monde have visited New Orleans Museum of Art, gone kayaking, met up at Global Café, and many other fun activities with their buddies!

Krewe du Monde buddy program is a bridge for exchange students and local students in the A.B. Freeman School of Business. Exchange students who are part of the buddy program will be paired with local students to expand their networks, while Freeman buddies can have a chance to learn about different cultures from exchange students.

Matching cycle

We receive applications on a rolling basis and will match Freeman students with exchange students just before or soon after the end of each semester. If you apply during the semester, you can expect an email announcing your exchange buddy around that time. Once matched, students are encouraged to reach out to their buddies before the semester starts or as early in the semester as possible.

Nominated Student Checklist

Congratulations! You've been approved to study abroad on your proposed program. Read this page to discover your next steps.

1. Confirm Your Participation

Login and change your status from "Tulane Approved" to "Committed" in the Tulane study abroad portal. Changing your status to "Committed" in Tulane's system does not indicate a financial commitment to the program, it just lets us know that you intend to study abroad for our records. Pay non-refundable commitment deposit.

2. Complete Your Secondary Application

All Freeman Abroad programs require secondary applications to the host institutions. Freeman Abroad students are nominated to their host institution after commitment to the program (according to the host institution's timeline), after which the student must

Review the host program's website to learn about the application process. You may need to reach out to your OSA study abroad advisor to secure your Home School Nomination (advisor signature) via email.

Many programs fill quickly--complete and submit your external program application to the study abroad program provider or host university as soon as you can.

3. Complete the Pre-Departure Orientation

4. Work on Your Global Cultural Awareness

Prior to departure for study abroad, students will develop a Service-Learning or Internship project to be conducted while abroad that will function as a point of class discussion for the following course taken while abroad

OSA Program Application

While the Freeman Abroad programs offer business students a wide selection of host universities and business schools, usually earning a whole semester's worth of business credits, some Freeman students may wish to apply for a study abroad program offered by the NTC (Newcomb Tulane College) Center for Global Education's Office of Study Abroad (OSA). All undergraduate students are served by OSA and therefore Freeman students are encouraged to explore their options with both offices. It is important to note, however, that the offices are separate and the processes and procedures are different. Students are encouraged to apply for either one or the other for a chosen application cycle (i.e. if a student is applying to study abroad on an OSA program offered in the same semester as a Freeman Abroad program). Students applying for different application cycles (i.e. if a student wants to participate in an OSA summer program in addition to a Freeman semester program) should have little to no difficulty with program processes. 

Please note: applying for both OSA and Freeman programs simultaneously can create logistical problems for a student with regard to program selection, nomination, and secondary application procedures. We request that the student researches their alternatives carefully and make a conscious decision before the application deadline as to which program is their primary application. 

All students must research each program's individual criteria - especially with regard to eligibility, secondary application, academic offerings, housing, program profile, etc. 

Freeman students studying abroad through an OSA approved program have the same benefits as all NTC students: all courses will automatically come back as general elective credit towards the 122-hour requirement needed to graduate. Business students may also complete NTC core curriculum and non-business major requirements while abroad through OSA.

With regards to completing Freeman business elective requirements on OSA programs: Freeman has a list of pre-approved courses on select OSA programs (consult with a study abroad advisor for more information). If taking a Business course abroad that is not on this list, Freeman students may work with their Freeman study abroad advisor to determine up to 6 credits of course equivalency within the Freeman major. Please consult your Freeman study abroad advisor for guidance. Freeman students should be aware that different business major/minor options can change the availability of business elective options in their degree audit; therefore, each individual Freeman student should meet with a Freeman Abroad advisor to discuss their specific degree requirements. 

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