Serena Loftus and Jasmijn Bol

What problem is your work helping to solve?

We are working to help organizations unlock their employees’ effort to enable their employees to work hard and work smart and achieve organizational objectives. We focus on understanding how an organization’s design, systems, and processes influence the amount and direction of employees’ effort so that these elements can be optimally configured to improve the likelihood that each organization achieves its objectives.

What solution are your working toward and why is it innovative?

We work for two solutions. First, we work to enable each organization to achieve its objectives by more effectively harnessing employees’ efforts. Second, we work to provide managers with scientific tools and evidence-based insights about how they can unlock their employees’ effort in the future. Our approach is innovative because it is scientific, modern, and customized for each organization.

What applications does your research have for Tulane entrepreneurs and the broader community?

Our work has applications for all managers and business owners who rely on their employees to achieve organizational objectives. Our work is meaningful for Tulane entrepreneurs because we provide insights about how entrepreneurs can motivate employees, including employees who were not founding members of the organization. Our work helps the broader business community by providing a contemporary view of the factors influencing employees’ motivation, which is particularly meaningful as workforce demographics change and organizations seek to efficiently adapt their organizational design.