Studying Entrepreneurship

In addition to participating in Lepage Center programs, students may wish to study entrepreneurship as part of their academic program. 

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For Undergraduate Students

By completing nine credit hours of entrepreneurship coursework and receiving approval, students can earn an entrepreneurial management designation, a credential that signifies they have the skills to add value to innovative, early-stage ventures.

The two-semester Student Venture Accelerator Course is a great opportunity for students to learn to create viable ventures. In this course, students will learn to take an idea from its earliest inception to the next level. 

In this course, students will be given a behind the scenes look at the entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Orleans –the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts and what needs to happen to have a vibrant startup community that is equitable, accessible, and collaborative. From local entrepreneurs to community partners to support organizations to investors and more, this course will bring together some of the most important stakeholders in the New Orleans entrepreneurial ecosystem. We will also leverage our data from the Greater New Orleans Startup Report, hearing from our very own Lepage Center to present an in-depth overview of the current state of the early-stage business economy in New Orleans. The Entrepreneurial Landscape of New Orleans and How the City’s Diverse Culture Influences It is a TIDES Class only for the Ignite Residential Learning Community.