Student Venture Incubator

The Lepage Center Student Venture Incubator is a place for students to develop their ideas while providing the tools and resources required to start a venture. Students in the incubator participate in Spark Hours and have access to Innovators-in-Residence and pro-bono legal services. Any students interested in becoming part of the Student Venture Incubator should contact Timekia Mallery.  

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Spark Hours

Spark Hours are sessions where students can work on new ideas in an individual or group setting and to connect with other startups on campus. During Spark Hours, students get peer-to-peer help with their ventures from Lepage Student Fellows, allowing students at the beginning stage of their startup to develop their ideas and to work on the company’s Business Model Canvas. These scheduled hours also provide the opportunity for students to engage with mentors and other professionals. Spark Hours hosts guest mentors, workshops, roundtable discussions and group meetup sessions. for student to connect with other startups on campus.

Pitch Friday Series

pitch fridays

Pitch Friday Series is an excellent opportunity for student startups to pitch their ventures to a panel of judges and receive valuable feedback to incorporate into their ventures. This competition continues to motivate many student startups in the beginning phases to push their ideas to the next level. Pitch Friday series competition is open to all Tulane students across campus, and it helps cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in students. In addition to valuable feedback on their pitch, the winner from each of the competitions in the series wins a cash prize and a spot in the Grand Prize Round in April.

Mentor Office Hours

Meet with one of our accomplished and knowledgeable Innovators-in-Residence, mentors, entrepreneurs and professionals who can help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. 

Legal Office Hours

Get guidance on the legal needs associated with your startup through legal office hours.

2023-2024 Student Venture Incubator Companies

  • Anti-Frat Flue - the ultimate hangover remedy. It is a concentrated liquid full of immune boosters as well as energy to try and make the consumer feel better. 

  • Bar Cart - an app that improves the bar experience for college students by creating an interactive chat space, so students know what is happening at the bars before going out and get notified of any specials or performances that evening.

  • Ceres - 100% plat-based cereal and contains no ingredients grown with GMOs. It contains all natural ingredients and is naturally grown which makes ceres sustainable for humans and the planet.

  • Contemporary Media NFP - an intercollegiate publication aimed at sharing the journalistic and creative work of students. Contemporary Media NFP is split into two digital and print magazines: the main publication, the College Contemporary, which publishes perspectives on college life, and interviews with leaders in academia, and it will soon publish spotlights on college-related charities and nonprofits.

  • Heaven 'n Heels - a modular shoe that converts from a flat to a heel to ensure comfort for busy women on the go. The product is built around staying functional and fashionable. Heaven 'n Heels has created a mechanism that allows one to easily press down a lever and pull off their heel and slip on a flat.

  • Kavali Campanella Eyewear - an e-commerce store that specializes in eyewear. The business model is tailored around fulfillment centers and built with growth in mind. 

  • Informuta - provides a faster, more robust, comprehensive diagnostic that assesses the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of an infection and informs the clinical decision-making workflow, creating a potential market capture of $21 billion.

  • Modelfy - an app that will allow people to go shopping and try their outfits virtually to see how they look. It will create value for their customers by saving them time and money. Customers will not have to leave the comfort of their homes to go shopping. 

  • Organize It - and online platform run through Google Sheets that allows students to organize their assignments, important dates, and notes easily and efficiently in one central online location that can be customized in under a minute to fit each student's personalized class schedule. 

  • Opportunity Medical - a telemedicine clinic staffed by professors, researchers and graduate students at Tulane that are also foreign medical doctors that are normally not allowed to practice.

  • Shot Pops - lollipops that replace the need for a chaser when drinking alcohol. It is a great solution for younger audiences who are of drinking age and a fun novelty item. 

  • Simple Cars - an online platform that connects new car buyers who are looking to build out a custom vehicle with dealers who are able to provide that build at a lower cost. We also finance the sale of new vehicles and sell the collection of debt to larger banks for profit. 

  • Tether - an all-in-one affordable college admissions platform that connects current high school applicants to admitted students at universities of interest, and with other filters such as majors, athletics etc.

  • Traylor Trash - customer trucker hats that are perfect for birthday presents, group events, and everyday wear. Traylor Trash hats are fully customizable, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and texts to create a hat that is uniquely yours. 

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