The Lepage Center connects entrepreneurs with mentors who can help them navigate access to public and private resources and advise them as they grow. This opportunity is open to both the Tulane community – students, faculty, staff, and alumni – and entrepreneurs located in the Greater New Orleans region. Qualifying entrepreneurs can work with Lepage Center mentors and advisers based on the business’s unique needs, from managing their tax returns and creating financial forecasts to developing marketing and business plans.

The mentors include current Lepage Center Innovators-in-Residence as well as dozens of newly recruited advisers, investors and business experts from across the country who have been identified through Tulane’s offices of Advancement and Alumni Relations. Businesses interested in participating in the program can submit their requests through the online form
Each participant receives a one-on-one mentoring session to assess their immediate priorities. From there, they work to develop a plan for moving forward.

“In just a one-hour call, the entrepreneurs share their current situation and problems, select a specific problem to address, and we develop a specific plan with action items for next steps," says Lepage Mentor Allison Piper, who is founder and CEO of Blue Catalyst Group in Houston. “This hands-on real-time assistance program has been an incredibly valuable service to the greater New Orleans entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

Entrepreneurs seeking mentors can submit a request to the Lepage Center Mentor Request Form or email Rosalind Butler at