Congratulations to our 2024 TBMC Winners!

photograph of TBMC grand prize winner holding a big check. Pictured in the photograph from left to right Rob Lalka and Kristen Dunning

First Prize: $75,000

Gently Soap, University of Georgia

Gently Soap creates bath products infused with clinically validated botanicals to provide “joyful relief” to those with sensitive skin and skin conditions. Gently Soap bath bars eliminate essential oils, synthetic additives, and toxic chemicals and are focused on joyful but also anti-inflammatory daily care. This brand is uniquely positioned to allow millions of people in the US alone to finally break free from the confines of boring, skin-irritating bath routines.

Second Prize: $30,000

Informuta, Tulane University

Informuta mission is to revolutionize infectious disease detection and precision medicine using AI/ML-driven analytics of NGS data. Their patent-pending technology allows them to leverage DNA sequencing to predict if bacteria will respond to different antibiotics or develop resistance to them in the future. Informuta’s vision is to address the global health crisis of antibiotic resistance and improve patient outcomes by learning to better use and therefore conserve our current market-approved antibiotics.

Third Prize: $20,000

EndoSurgical Innovations, Northwestern University

EndoSurgical Innovations, Inc. is an early-stage medical device startup creating innovative solutions for endovascular surgery. They are developing a guidewire with 360° steerability and variable stiffness for thrombectomy in stroke treatment, with potential applications in cardiology, radiology, and urology. Devices like VariGuide are crucial for advancing endovascular procedures and pushing the boundaries of possibility in this field.

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