Congratulations to our 2023 TBMC Winners


First Prize:  $75,000

HEARTio, University of Pittsburgh

HEARTio is a digital diagnostics company which develops novel AI models to analyze early-stage medical tests. HEARTio's flagship produce is "ECGio" a cloud-based platform which uses AI to analyze an electrocardiogram (ECG) to detect coronary artery disease, more quickly, more accurately, and at a lower cost as compared to the current standards of care. 


Second Prize:  $30,000

SteadiSpoon, Southern Methodist University

SteadiSpoontm provides innovative measuring software to track tremors and stabilizing hardware devices to empower people suffering from debilitating hand tremors to regain agency, autonomy, and dignity.  


Third Prize:  $20,000

Chiktopia, University of Georgia

Chiktopia makes solar-powered, self-moving, automated chicken coops for the pasture-raised poultry industry.



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