Congratulations to our 2022 TBMC Winners

First Prize:  $75,000

Hubly Surgical, Johns Hopkins University

Hubly Surgical is a cranial and orthopedic platform drilling solution focused on three verticals: bedside intracranial access, elective neurosurgeries, and elective orthopedic surgeries. 


Second Prize:  $30,000

DAWn Audio, New York University and Georgia Tech University

DAWn Audio is a web-based application that enables real-time, cross digital audio workstation (DAW) co-creation for all musicians by replicating in-person audio collaboration on a digital platform. 


Third Prize:  $20,000

Ichosia Biotechnology, George Washington University

Ichosia Biotechnology is using its proprietary platform technology for genetically engineering more efficient stem cell differentiation to mass produce laboratory-grown red blood cells to make blood safer, less expensive, and more reliable for clinical transfusions.