Yuchen Zhang

What problem is your work helping to solve?

The broad research question I am working on is at the intersection of knowledge and innovation. Specifically, I am interested in how firms facilitate the creation and diffusion of knowledge and therefore improve innovation performance.    

What solution are your working toward and why is it innovative?

From a strategic management perspective, different business contexts require different solutions. For instance, in the context of platform-based businesses (such as App Store, Uber, or AirBnB), platform owners may build online discussion forums for platform complementors (app developers, Uber drivers, AirBnB hosts) to share their knowledge and experiences. This solution moves beyond the conventional focus on complementors' interactions with platform owners and suggests the importance of their interactions with each other.        

What applications does your research have for Tulane entrepreneurs and the broader business community?

Again, specific managerial applications hinge on the business context and the characteristics of knowledge and innovation tasks. In general, I think the overarching implication of my research is the emphasis on data-driven decision making and the fundamental value of technological innovation.