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Greater New Orleans Startup Report

A Greater New Orleans Startup Mapping Initiative 

The 2019 GNO Startup Report is now available for download: 



The Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tulane University has launched the Greater New Orleans Startup Report to address the need for regional benchmarking for the startup and early-stage economy. Thanks to overwhelming community support, for the very first time we have ecosystem-wide data that facilitates insights on revenue and hiring needs and provides clues as to what it will take to help our companies grow. Data collection for the 2020 Greater New Orleans Startup Report will begin in January 2020. 


1.    Build a diverse coalition of leaders, institutions, firms and advocates who share the vision. 
2.    Execute a multi-year initiative to understand and define our region’s unique innovation engine.
3.    Use this research to benchmark against other regions and track progress over time. 
4.    Identify opportunities for transformative change and coordinate efforts to pursue them on a regional scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the GNO Startup Report?

The GNO Startup Report is a community first initiative, led by the Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tulane University to support the Greater New Orleans region in its planning efforts. 

This project is modeled on a similar initiative in Washington, D.C., during which D.C.-area firm Fosterly analyzed more than 32,000 data points to produce a summary report, which it provided free to the community. In addition to consulting with Fosterly, the Lepage Center worked with six Tulane faculty and the Tulane Institutional Review Board to develop our survey.

Q: Why should a startup or entrepreneur complete a response?

Each response gets our community one step closer to a comprehensive understanding of what startups and early-stage companies need to be successful. The data serves as a tool to affect policy, apply for grants, implement relevant programs and measure success. All data is anonymized and only reported in aggregate. 

Q: What is a GNO Startup Report community partner?

The GNO Startup Report represents a coalition of community partners who help make this research possible by publicizing the survey to their networks. We seek a broad base of community partners to cast the widest net possible. 

Q: What do you mean by Greater New Orleans region?

Our geographic region for this report includes the following parishes: Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington.

Q: Who should complete the survey?

We employ the following general guidelines to identify eligible companies:

- Located in the Greater New Orleans region
- ARR less than $60,000,000
- OR less than 5 years old
- OR self identifies as participating in the Greater New Orleans region’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

Q: How long does it take to complete a response?

The survey is dynamic and can expand or contract based on responses given. Most respondents report spending 20-30 minutes on the survey, so we recommend scheduling a chunk of time to support the Greater New Orleans region. 

Q: Can I complete a GNO Startup survey but not answer all of the questions?

Yes. While completion of all questions relevant to your business is tremendously beneficial for the data set and upcoming analysis, all questions related to human resources, funding and revenue are optional.

Q: How will the data be used?

The data serves as a tool to affect policy, attract investment, apply for grants, implement programs and measure success. 

Q: What platform is used to collect data?

This is a Tulane research initiative. Tulane uses Qualtrics survey software. 

Q: Who has access to the data?

Tulane University acts as steward for this information. Data supplied is kept secure and anonymous and is reported only in aggregate.

Q: When will the report be available?

The 2019 report is now available. Data collection for the 2020 report will begin in January 2020. 

Q: Who should I contact with questions about the GNO Startup Report?

Please direct any questions to Ann Marshall Tilton with Tulane's Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 


For media inquiries, please contact Ann Marshall Tilton at Tulane's Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Please use #GNOStartupReport on social media.